Let’s Play Sight Word Go Fish!

To play the game:

Print and cut out cards. Shuffle and mix the cards and place them in a stack. Pass out five cards to each player. If you get a pair of cards that match in your hand then you can set them down on your turn. The players will take turns asking for sight word cards that they need to make a pair. For example a player would say to another player, “do you have the card THEM” and if the player has that card they would need to give it to the person asking. The person would set down their pair of matching cards in front of them. They would get another turn. The person who gave up a card needs to draw another card from the stack. If you ask for a card and the person you are asking does not have that word card, they will say to you “No, Go Fish” which means you need to draw a card from the pile and then play continues to the next player. When a player does not have any cards left in their hand, the game is over, and whoever had the most pairs wins the game.

Sidewalk Chalk Sight Word Fun!

Items you will need to play this game: Sidewalk chalk, marker or sharpie, and note cards(3×5 cards)

I found this idea on Pinterest. You can find so many great ideas there!

Setting up the game: First, select 10 sight words that your child has been practicing. Some sight words we have been working on are: I, like, me , my, he , she, am, the, and, go, see, look, have, & the. Write one of the selected sight words on each note card. Then, draw circles in chalk on the driveway or sidewalk. Write one of the selected sight words inside each circle. There will be 10 note cards with words and 10 circles with the matching words. Finally, draw a line 3 feet away from the circles. Set the word cards near the starting line facing upwards.
How to Play the Game:
First, have your child review each of the selected sight words using the note cards. Say the words together, then have your child read the words. Make a note of which words your child has mastered and which words will need additional practice.
Then, have your child pick up a sight word card. They need to read the card out loud then race to place it on the matching sight word circle. After placing the card in the circle, they run back to the stack of sight word cards and repeat. Follow these directions for all of the cards: Flip the card, read, run, set it on a circle, until all words have been placed.
After playing the game through once, consider adding the element of speed to this sidewalk chalk sight word game. You can set a timer to see how long it takes to read and place all of the words. This is a fun way to get repeated readings of the sight words in – without the game getting boring. When all sight words have been read and matched, consider adding more challenging words to the mix.

The Word Pattern for Today: -am

I am including a sight word reader and an activity page. Today will be all about the -am pattern. Some people refer to the word patterns as “word families”. Both terms mean the same thing. Words included in the “am” pattern could be, jam, ham, Bam, slam, Cam, dam, Pam, ram, Sam, Wham, and yam, to name a few. Please download and print the following items:

Let’s Go on a Word Hunt!

Parents, you can easily set up a fun Word Hunt in your home. Get some sticky notes and write words on each note and place them all over your home. Give your child a print out, a clipboard ( if you have one) and a pencil and have them search all over your home to find the words that you have hidden. They can tally them, or write them on their recording sheet. See the printable that I have placed below:

Ending Sounds Activity

This is a lotto game played just like Bingo. There are enough materials for 3 players. The word caller reads the word and the players look on their game board for a word that ends the same as the word called. For example: If I were to say “bat” the player would look on their board for a picture that ends like bat, such as “hat” or “foot”. You can play using the bingo rules, or play until a player fills their entire board. If you don’t have bingo chips, you can use, pasta, beans or coins. Just download, print and cut out the words, and you can play as many times as you would like. Enjoy!