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Ms. Mohamed

Week of March 23rd

Literacy unit: Plants Continued……

Reading: Students will listen to a story called Seed Secrets. It is an informational piece that discusses the travels of a seed. Students will also listen to other stories about plants. Students will discuss and identify the life cycle of a plant.


Comprehension Strategy: Retell and identifying story structure


Writing: Student will write 2 sentences or more discussing using adjectives (describing words) how seeds travel. Student will use the important parts of making a good sentence. This includes:

  • Does your idea make sense?
  • Does your sentence begin with a capital letter?
  • Do you have space between the words?
  • Did you use an end mark (punctuation)?
  • Are all sight words (the ones we learned so far) spelled correctly?

Word Family: -ug (bug, tug, mug, hug, jug, slug, plug)

Spelling: seeds, here, was, tug, rug, mug, hug, bug

Math: We will explore the quarter. We will write numbers 1-100. We will continue to count by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s to 100. We will revisit simple addition and subtraction. We will play many math games to reinforce our math skills.

Science: We will continue to explore plant needs. Last week we planted a seed and we have a couple of sprouts! Students will observe and document our experience of growing a plant. We will make sure we identify it is a living thing and further discuss that living things have needs to survive.

Social Studies: We will start talking about taking care of the Earth and its value. We will discuss what we get from the earth and how plants help us survive.


Wednesday: Library check out day

Thursday: Pocket list : 5 foods you would eat while camping.

Friday: Turn in your last reading minutes. (we are trying to reach our 200,000 school-wide minutes goal!

Running low on snacks! Thanks for all your support!

Ms. Mohamed



Week of March 16th

We are finally feeling Spring in the air!

READING-We begin Unit 8  PLANTS

This week’s theme is How Trees Grow. We’ll be working with Sequencing with recalling stories and events.  We’ll also focus on sequencing with this week’s writing.  First, Next, Then, Last

LETTERS- Kk-(beginning sound)    -ck (ending sound)

SIGHT WORDS-   little     said

We will work with the -ot word family: cot, pot, not, hot, rot, knot

Spelling Words:  little  said  hot  not  pot  cot  

WRITING-We will be writing Steps in a Process.

For example, Steps to make a Sandwich

First, you get some bread.

Next you spread on peanut butter.

Then you spread on jelly.

Last, you eat it.

Try some steps at home…Steps to get Ready For Bed, For School, To Go To Grandma’s House, To Eat Cereal

You don’t have to write down everything.  Just talking through the steps is good practice for sequencing the thoughts/steps.

MATH-We’ll be doing some worksheets with Missing Numbers to 20.  We’ll also play a Dice Addition Game with partners.

SCIENCE-Of course, we’ll plant some seeds.

SOCIAL STUDIES-We’ll talk about jobs that are related to Plants.


Tuesday is St. Patrick’s Day so we’ll be celebrating the “Holiday” in here.  Wear something GREEN.

Wednesday: Library Day

Friday: Spelling test and publishing our writing

Have a great wek!

Ms. Mohamed

Calendar of activities for March is reading month

Attached is the calendar of activities the children can do at home. Many fun things you will enjoy and the children love to share at school the next day. These activities are highly encouraged but not mandatory.


Also reading minutes are due weekly. Please sign and cut them out and make sure your child turns them in on Friday morning! Each child’s goal is to read for 120 minutes a week. Our school goal is 200,000 minutes. If your child achieves their goal, they will get a sticker on their tent and a raffle ticket for a chance to win in the drawing at the end of the month.  If we achieve our school goal, we will celebrate with s’mores! If you need a copy of this document, I will gladly give your child another copy.

Thanks for all your support!

Ms. Mohamed

We love Dr. Seuss!

We had so much fun with Dr. Seuss last week! We read multiple books such as The cat in the hat, One fish two fish red fish blue fish, Hop on pop, The foot book and Green eggs and ham. We created different activities for each. We compared the stories and decided we love One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish the best. We chose this book because we had fun with the Goldfish graph! Take a look:


Special readers this week!

Thanks to the Dearborn High School football team for reading to our Kindergarteners earlier this week! The children loved it! Also thanks to Mrs. Zaghir for coming in to read to the children. Below are pictures:



Week of March 9th

WOW! The temperature is finally feeling like Spring!

READING-Review week for Unit 7.
THEME- How Weather Affects Us We’ll be talking about Hibernation. Who hibernates? Why do they hibernate? What is a den? A lair? A cave?
LETTERS-review L l B b E e
WORDS-review this  what
SPELLING WORDS- this what hen pen men ten

Writing: we decided to make a book report. We will list characters, setting, problem and solution of the story Bear Snores On. We will also write about camping!

MATH-We’ll use calculators to skip count by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s
We’ll also make charts for a season survey and a graph. Lots of ways to show information. We will create a subtraction number story book. If your child has a collection to share, bring it in on Wednesday. An example of a collection would be a rock collection, stamp collection , bottle cap collection, button collection, yogurt collection etc.

SCIENCE-We will investigate clouds. We will go outside and discuss cirrus, cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds. we will record our findings in our science journal.
Monday-We had guest readers…the DHS football players! Pictures to come…

March is Reading Month We’ll talk about 3 things we would do while camping. If a teacher stops us during the day and asks us what we might do while camping and we can answer, the teacher will give us an eraser!

Wednesday- LATE START
Spring Picture Day
Library Book Due
Let’s wear a T- shirt or sweatshirt with words on it. Let’s see if we can read some words on other’s shirts!

Thursday-Literacy Night! 5:30-7:00

Have a good week.

Ms. Mohamed