Week of April 27th

READING-Unit 9  Week 3     Week 3 is always the review week of weeks 1 & 2. Our theme for the week is ANIMALS THEN AND NOW.  We’ll begin with dinosaurs and sea turtles. Sea Turtles were here when the Dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Dinosaurs no longer live here but Sea Turtles still exist.  Hmmm???

Vocabulary: endangered, extinct

WRITING-We’ll be using our imaginations to create sentences about how dinosaurs might help us if they were still here.  To get us started, we’ll read a book titled “If the Dinosaurs Came Back.”

LETTERS-Review   X x    W w   V v   G g

WORDS-come   away

SPELLING-“og” word family    9 words this week

dog  log   fog   

come  away  (new reading words this week)

has  look   he   she  (review words from the last 2 weeks)

MATH-Clocks   Money (coins)  and number families, We will also practice math facts (addition and subtraction).

SCIENCE-Living and Non-Living Things

SOCIAL STUDIES- We are identifying an issue and making a stand. This week is all about endangered animals.  May 1st is Save the Rhino day.

Ms. Mohamed

Week of April 20th

What a week so far! Field trip pictures will be up by the end of the week.

Literacy Unit: Amazing Ocean

Reading: We read a story called Fish Faces. Each student designed their own type of fish.  We explored the ocean a bit and chose a sea animal to work on informational writing. They have to look up information about their sea animal and report it back. We will also read The fisherman and his wife and Whenever the water comes up. Ask  your child what was read and what happened in the stories.

Strategy: Retell, using description and collecting information

Writing: Students will write about their sea animal that was chosen and discussed. They will write one fact and one description (at least 2 sentences). Yur child will be encouraged to write more!

Spelling words: has, look, big, pig, wig, dig, fish

Word family: -ig (rig, fig, dig, big, wig, pig, twig)

Letters of the week: Xx, Vv

Math: More clocks! We will continue to read clocks to the nearest hour. We will identify hour hand and minute hand and how to to draw in the time using an analog clock. We have been practicing quite a bit. We will revisit the dollar bill and continue some addition and subtraction.

Science: We will continue observing our plants and document their growth. We will review plant needs, living and non-living things.

Social Studies: April 22 was Earth Day! We have been discussing ways to keep the earth clean and healthy for everybody. We will continue to collect bottles and cans. We will create a posters in small groups and come up with slogans to help and promote Earth Day.

Wow! Such a busy week!

Ms. Mohamed


Detroit Zoo Field trip

Just reminding everyone we are going to the Detroit Zoo Monday, April 20th.

  • All children going on the field trip must ride the bus to and from the field trip.
  • All chaperones meet with me at the gate to double check phone numbers and I will give you instructions when we will meet.
  • Please make sure your child has a packed lunch.
  • If you have an umbrella, send it with your child or make sure they wear something that will cover their heads. It will rain and we will still be going to the zoo rain or shine.
  • Make sure your child is in appropriate attire for the weather.
  • If you have a zoo membership, make sure you have it or at least a copy of it.

Thanks for those volunteering!

Ms. Mohamed

Everyday Math Cards and MyOn

I sent home math login cards to play and practice math concepts. Link is to you left >>>>>>>>

Also, Mr. Neff, our librarian, provided access for Howard students to something called MyOn. It is a reading program provided by the district. Stories are read aloud to our kids. How to access:

Type in:

School: Howard Elementary, Dearborn Mi 48124

student id: (it begiins with 200..

Password: birthday

This link is also located on the left >>>>>>>>>>>

Ms. Mohamed

Week of April 13th

Welcome back!

We started a new unit: Amazing Creatures

Reading: We read a informational piece called Beetles. We asked and answered many questions about beetles. We will also read The ant and the grasshopper, The elephant and the bees, and Insects hide and seek. A lot of stories about different creatures!

Writing: We will write questions and answers about creatures. We will focus when to use a question mark and when to use a period. Is all about punctuation this week.

Letters of the week: Gg, Ww

Sight word focus: he, she

Word family focus: -ag (bag, drag, nag, flag, etc)

Spelling: he, she, tag. rag, nag, wag, bag, insects

Math: We will explore ones, tens and hundreds. We will explore function machines. We will explore the $1 bill. We will review clocks to the nearest hour. We will continue practice counting by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, 10’s to 100.

Science: We will discuss the difference between living and non-living things. We will review plants needs and parts.

Social Studies:We will discuss ways to help save the Earth. Earth day is around the corner. We will discuss the 3 R’s (recycle, reuse and reduce).


  • Late start is cancelled for Wednesday, April 15th. Students need to report to school at 8:35 as usual
  • Our school is starting an empty bottle and can collection as a part of our keep the earth clean. Any money collected for the cans or bottles will be used to plant flowers in front of Howard.
  •  We will be going on the field trip Monday, April 20, 2015 to the Detroit Zoo. Field trip permission slip coming home this week. Please have money ($5.50) and slip signed by Wednesday, April 15th.  If you choose to join us on the trip as a chaperone, please make sure you complete proper paperwork in the office. There will be one bus for both classes. Any chaperones will be asked to follow in their individual cars. Chaperones need to pay as well in advance. Sorry no chaperones on the bus.
  • The PTA is conducting the Spring Fling dance on Friday. If you would like to participate the cost is $5.00.


Ms. Mohamed


Week of March 30th

READING-We’ll finish Unit 8   What’s In My Garden? I’ll read “Sunflower House.” We will look at different flowers and explore their characteristics. We will compare a different flower to a sunflower.  We will also practice retelling and sequencing a story.

WRITING- This week will write a poem about a flower. We will choose a flower and create a poem using descriptive words. Most of the students are writing 2-3 sentences on a single topic. Several students are writing more than 3 sentences on a topic.  What great writers! They are focused on sounds and the corresponding letters to go with the sounds. Many are going beyond the individual sound to letter and are writing known words or are connecting to rhyming or spelling words.

Word family: -ub (sub, cub, rub, tub)

Spelling words: here, was, little, said, rub, tub, sub, cub

We will be having our spelling test Thursday.

Math: Its all about clocks this week. We are going to learn about digital and analog clocks. We will identify hour hand and minute hand. We will read clocks to the nearest hour. We will write out time and discuss the importance of time for our day. We will also review addition and subtraction.

Science: We are continuing with plants this week. We will continue observing and collecting data about our plants in our science journals. We will identify plant parts. (root, stem, leaf and flower)

Social Studies: We will discuss ways to take care of the Earth.

Important Reminders:

  • Pictures were sent home last week. Please look over and return any unwanted pictures or payment a.s.a.p.
  • Thursday will be our spelling test since we have no school on Friday
  • Spring break begins Friday, April 3, 2015- Sunday, April 12, 2015. We will return to school Monday, April 13, 2015


Ms. Mohamed