Attention Please Read

Dear Parents,

I have requested in the beginning of the year for a 2 pocket folder. Please make sure your child has one. This folder should come to school everyday. Please look in the folder everyday and empty out the folder. Discuss with your child what they did in school today. Please be on the look out for monthly reading logs. Your child should be reading everyday for 20 minutes. October log was already due. If you have not turned it in yet, please do so.  The November log is due Dec. 1, 2014. If it is missing, you may write the books on a separate sheet of paper.

If you see any items stapled in your child’s folder, please look over and return if necessary. I recently sent out Parent Teacher Conference reminders and I have not received all confirmations yet.

Also, your child should be coming home with 1-3 take home books a week. They should be able to read these books independently. They should keep all these books in the  Ziploc bag provided. This Ziploc bag of books should always remain in their backpacks. This teaches organization as well as responsibility.  By the end of the year, your child will have a stack of their own books to make a home library.

On to other school news…

There was a misprint on the last PTA letter sent out. The PTA meeting is on November 19, 2014 at 3:00 pm

Ms. Mohamed



Week of November 11th


READING-We begin Unit 3  TRANSPORTATION. We will read a A Bus for Us, I see a Tiger, Signs at the Park, Turtle and the Rabbit, How Partridge Built Canoes

Strategy focus: Comprehension: characters, setting, problem and solution

WRITING-We will continue with writing sentences (about transportation).

Letter-“T  t”

Sight Word-See   see

MATH-Number Awareness 0-20  Reading, writing, and counting, exploring 2d/3d shapes. Orally count to 30

SCIENCE-Motion: we will discuss how things move (slide, roll)

SOCIAL STUDIES- Needs and wants-we will discuss the importance of what we need to survive in comparison of what we want for our selves.


WEDNESDAY-Late Start and Library Day

Friday: Slipper Day for $1. All proceeds go to the PBIS store.

Ms. Mohamed


Pumpkin investigation

Exploring and predicting:



This is what we learned before and after we opened the pumpkins! We even collected some data to share in our journals.

IMG_2114IMG_2115IMG_2120IMG_2119IMG_2122IMG_2117 IMG_2118IMG_2116


Ms. Mohamed


Week of November 3rd

Our weekly theme is Getting Along.

Lots of review this week as we end our 3 week unit on FRIENDS.  We will review the words  like, a (remember to read this as “ahh”) and our letters S s  P p.  We will also be identifying areas of reading on which we need to focus to be good readers.  Those areas are:

Comprehension –understanding what we read or is read to us

Accuracy-hearing, working, reading with good language

Fluency-recognizing letters, sounds, and words

Expanding-aware of print,  increasing vocabulary in reading, writing, and speaking

WRITING-Writing a good sentence.  First comes the idea that you want to write.  Say the sentence/idea/thought.  Does the sentence make sense?  All of this is done before we write any words.  Then we begin writing, stretching out each word, listening for sounds and writing the letters that go with the sounds.  This is why it is important to know what sounds each letter makes.  Next we have to know HOW to write each letter.  There is a lot to writing!

MATH-We’ll discover ways we can use our bodies as tools for understanding and applying mathematical skills and concepts.  We also will begin another section which has these main areas of focus:

-concepts of addition and subtraction through concrete acvtivities

-number writing

-to extend number comparison skills

-skip counting by 10’s

-introduce the pan balance

Science: Continue exploration of the pumpkin


Tuesday   NO SCHOOL  Voting Day

Wednesday- Library check out day-don’t forget your books

Friday-1/2 day  Dismissal at 11:45

Ms. Mohamed


Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween! I hope everyone had a wonderful time with their child this evening! Below are video and pictures of our eventful day!

Below are hyper links to the video clips of our special day!

movie happy halloween




Since we missed the halloween parade we (Ms Smith and I) decided we need to at least to have a parade between the 2 classes. Below is a video of our class showing off their costumes to the other kindergarteners!


We also liked to wish everyone a happy Halloween! Below is a short video from our Kinders!

send off

I want to give a special thank you to Michael and Madina Reda’s mom (homeroom parent) for coordinating a lovely event. I would also like to thank Griffin Coykendall’s Mom and Dad for helping with our bat project and serving the children. I would also like to thank Sadinah Sabbagh’s Mom for helping with dressing the kindergarteners into their costumes!

Ms. Mohamed


Week of October 27th

Unit 2: Literacy unit: Friends

Reading: We are reading these stories: Friends all around, Making Friends, The fight, The lion and the mouse, Brer turtle helps out

Strategies from our CAFE menu

  • Comprehension- identifying characters, setting (goal)
  • Accuracy: Identifying the first sound in a word
  • Fluency: Recognize sight words: I we, the, can, recognize letters Aa-Zz
  • Expanding vocabulary-Reading from left to right, Reading from top to bottom, Read from the left page and move to the right page

 Letters of the week:Pp. We will be making  lists  of things that begin with the letter Pp. Please discuss things that begin with the letters Mm, Aa, Ss and Pp

Sight words: a (pronounced “ah,”  not “aye.”)

Review: I, can, we, can, like

Writing: We will be practicing writing all the letters correctly. We will also practice writing sentences. We have been discussing what a good sentence looks like. It begins with a capital, there is space between the words, and it ends with an end mark.  Our focus will be opinion writing.

Math:  We will continue to count everything. we are now writing number 0-20. Your child should be writing numbers correctly and able to give you the next number. We are still working on number 0-20 orally. We are still focusing on tricky teens. We will also explore estimation, different coins and patterns.

Science: We will continue to explore the fall seasons. We will look at pumpkins. We will investigate what they look like and compare them to squash. We will open the pumpkin and record our findings. We will then make a pumpkin craft.

Social Studies: We will continue doing cooperative activities to reinforce team building within our classroom and within our table groups. Cooperation is our key word here!


Our Halloween parade is Friday at 1:15 -weather permitting. Your child may still bring in their costume in a bag and after music time we will change.

Wednesday is library day!


Ms. Mohamed


Family Movie Night

Tomorrow (Friday, October 24, 2014) is Family Movie Night provided by the PTA. It starts 6-8. Students will have to have parents in order to attend!

Notes are coming home today!

Ms. Mohamed