Week of October 14th

Reading: Practice retelling short stories with a key focus on sequencing. We will also explore and learn about pumpkins.

Writing We are learning about opinion writing. We will write
about pumpkins using sight words we have learned so far. The
sentence stem used will be: I like (color) pumpkins.

Language Arts-Phonics: Letters Pp, Ss correct formation (always start from the top and write down), the sound and words that begin with that sound; Phonemic Awareness: Syllables, rhymes Sight word: a,
the (review: I, can, see, like)

Math: We will be counting numbers 0-10, we will practice
writing numbers 0-10 correctly. We will discuss one less and
one less more within 0-10.

Science: We will continue to learn about being a scientist.
We will review the 5 senses and carry out an investigation to
taste, smell, touch, hear, and sight. Students will have an
opportunity to guess their answers and check their responses.


Late start- October 16th

Picture day-October 18th

Field Trip to the Detroit Zoo- October 21st

Have a wonderful weekend!

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