Week of September 30th

Reading: Practice retelling stories. We will listen to stories titled: Leaf
Fall Down; Leaf man; There was an old lady who swallowed
some leaves; Why do leaves change color; Colorful Leaves

Writing We are learning about narrative writing. We will
write about colorful leaves we see. The sentence stem will state:
I see red leaves.

Language Arts/Phonics: Letters Dd, Oo- correct formation (always start from
the top and write down), the sound and words that begin with
that sound; Phonemic Awareness: Syllables, rhymes Sight word:
see, (review: I, can)

Math: We will be counting numbers 0-10, we will practice
writing numbers 0-8 correctly. We will discuss different ways to
make 6, 7, 8. We will count in rows, columns, scattered and
circular arrays. (one to one correspondence)

Social Studies: rules at home and rules at school

Science: We will learn about being a scientist. We will
discuss the 5 senses, but our focus will be touch, smell, taste, hearing (review sight).

MondayClassic Cheese Pizza Fresh Garden Salad Seasoned Broccoli
TuesdayHalal Chicken Nugget Rice Bowl Mighty Chickpea Marinara w/Rice Seasoned Peas & Carrots
WednesdayCrispy Fish NuggetsGrilled Cheese SandwichSeasoned Italian Mixed Veggies
ThursdayHalal Orange Chicken w/Rice Ants on a Log Power Pack Cooked Green Beans
FridayWhole Grain Cheese Roll-Up w/Breadstick Veggie Ranch Wrap Steamed Mexicorn


Next Late start-October 16th

Field Trip to the Detroit Zoo- October 21st, stay tuned for details.

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