Week of September 23rd


Identifying Characters and settings. We are listening to the stories titled The Day the crayons quit; Sky Color; A color of his own; Little Blue, Little yellow; The Rainbow and you.

Writing We have been drawing our own personal stories. This week will label our pictures to capture details. 

Language Arts

Phonics: Letters Aa, Tt- correct formation (always start from the top and write down), the sound and words that begin with that sound; Phonemic Awareness: Syllables Sight word: can (review: I)

Math We will be counting numbers 0-10, we will practice writing numbers 0-5 correctly. We will learning how to make 5 in different ways to help count faster and with automaticity through composing 2 groups of objects. 2 and 3 make 5, 1 and 4 make 5 etc.

Social Studies We will review the 3 safety drills: Fire drill, disaster drill and lock down. 

Science We will learn about being a scientist. We will discuss the 5 senses, but our focus will be sight (observation). 

Important dates to keep in mind:

Wednesday, Sept. 27- Late start- school begins at 9:30

Friday, Sept. 27- no school for kindergarten only

Homework due-Monday, Sept. 30

Have a wonderful week!

Ms. Mohamed

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