Week of September 16th

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

This week in kindergarten we will learn about:

Reading: Identifying Characters. We will listen to stories titled: Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon; Wemberly Worried; The girl who never makes mistakes; Don’t squeal unless its a big deal; What if everybody did that?

Phonics: Letter Mm- correct formation (always start from the top and write down), the sound and words that begin with that sound

Phonemic Awareness: Hearing Rhyme

Sight word: I

Writing: We will be coming up with ideas to write about. We will start by thinking of real events that happen to us and draw a character or characters and the setting. It is all about the details.

Math: We will be counting numbers 0-10, we will practice writing numbers 0-5 correctly. We will learning how to make 5 in different ways to help count faster and with automaticity through composing 2 groups of objects. 2 and 3 make 5, 1 and 4 make 5 etc.

Social Studies: How to be safe during an emergency- we will practice 3 drills: a fire drill (a.k.a. evacuation drill), lock down drill, disaster drill.

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