Week of February 4th

Four day week this week for Kindergarten only!!

Check out what we are learning:


We are listen to collect information. The main idea will be polar bears and we will collect supporting details on the subject.    

Spelling words: pan, man, fan, at, like, a

Language Arts

We are learning about the blend: ph-, Sight words: you, get.   We are also learning about long vowel u.


We will be writing a informational piece about polar bears. The sentence stem will go as follows: A polar bear is a mammal. It has__. It can__.   


We are starting a new module this week. We will compose and decompose numbers of 5. We will learn about number bonds.

Social Studies

We will learn about how things change over time. We will learn about artifacts to help learn about the past. Artifacts or resources used will be: photo albums, old diaries, computer research, ask an expert.


We will continue to chart weather conditions daily in order to forecast the weather. We will chart the weather daily and analyze the data.


Late start Wednesday, Feb. 6th

No school for kindergarten on Friday, Feb. 8th

Have a wonderful week!



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