Week of January 22nd


We are reviewing how to retell a story. Whenever you are reading with your child, close the book and ask what happened first?  What happened next? What happened at the end?

Language Arts

We are learning about the digraph: ch-, Sight words: she, did.   We are also learning about long vowel o.


We will be writing a narrative writing. We will retell a story in writing using transitional words: First,__. Next, __. Last/finally, __.  


We are reviewing comparing groups of numbers. We will count and compare groups using pictures and objects. We will discuss more than one, less than one and equal to/same as.

Social Studies

We will learn about timelines of historical narratives. We will explore lives of MLK Jr and Abraham Lincoln.


We will be review severe weather conditions daily in order to forecast the weather. We will chart the weather daily and analyze the data.

Have a wonderful week!

Ms. Mohamed

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