Week of December 7th

Can you believe we only have 2 weeks before winter break???? We only have 23 days until 2016! Wow!!!

Literacy Unit: What’s for dinner?

Reading: We will be reading Our special Potato Pie; Little Juan and the cooking pot; Grandfather Bear is hungry; and Crunch Munch Thanks a Bunch. 

We will create a menu sorting appetizers, meals, drinks and desserts. We will practice ordering from the menu. There will be a lot of role playing restaurant. (Note: Next time you go to a restaurant with your family, practice ordering from the menu (most menus are online now) with your child. When you get there, your child could place their own order. You will see the sense of accomplishment and pride beam from your child).


  • Comprehension: Review character and setting. Retelling the story (Beginning, middle, end), asking questions and sequencing
  • Accuracy: Identify the first sound in a word and the last sound in a word, and medial sounds in the word. Identifying a CVC (constant-vowel-constant) pattern (ie. pat, pit, pin), producing and expanding rhymes
  • Fluency: Recognize upper/lower case letters and sight words
  • Expanding Vocabulary: Reading from left to right, Reading from top to bottom, Read from the left page and move to the right page. Know return sweep when reading /writing a sentence, punctuation (period, question, exclamation mark), Author, Illustrator

Letter of the week: Cc (review the previous letters learned)

Sight word: have (Review: I, can, we, the, like, a, see, go, to, am)

Writing: We will order from a class created menu and write it out. Our whole group writing comes home Tuesday. Our individualized draft is created Wednesday. We revise/edit on Thursday. We publish on Friday. We will have a question or a complete sentence or both. Our sentence stems are:

Can I have____ and ___?

I will have ____ and ___.

Math: We will be working on lines of symmetry, 2d-3d shapes, identifying  numbers 0-40 and counting by 10’s and 5’s to 100. We will also practice combinations of 6 (0,6;  1,5;  2,4;  3,3) using a ten frame, a reknrek, an abacus and scatter mats.

Science: We will be investigating motion. We will be identifying items that push and pull. We will describe how they move: roll or slide.  We will also discuss how 3-d shapes move (ie. cylinder-rolls straight, prism/pyramids/cube-slides, cone-rolls in a circle form,

Social Studies: We will be having a social studies assessment this week. We will be assessing needs, wants, goods, service, trade/exchange.


  • There will be a letter coming home for our Holiday celebration from the homeroom moms. There are requesting a monetary donation to help with the cost of the celebration. Refer to the letter for more information.
  • The scheduled holiday boutique shopping is for Wednesday, December 9. If you would like your child to participate, each item sold is for $2. Refer to the PTA letter sent last week.

Thanks for your support!

-Ms. Mohamed

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