Week of December 1st

Welcome back!

READING-Our theme for the next 3 weeks, Unit 4, is FOOD.

This week’s focus will be Where Food Comes From.

The stories we will read are Pizza Please, Apple Farmer Annie, and The goat and the chile patch. 

READING STRATEGY-(Comprehension): Summarize

READING SKILL-Sequence of Events

WORD-(Fluency) To  to

LETTER(Fluency)- N  n

GRAMMAR: nouns, verbs

WRITING: We will be writing a sentence using nouns and verbs. We will use most of the sight words we have learned to connect with foods from the story. Our sentence stem is: I go to the farm to see Annie____.

MATH-We will continue working up and down the number line with >  <  a given number. We will also roll and record using dice. We will graph our numbers.

We will also work with Creating and Extending a Pattern.

Home activity-Practice with >  <  a given number.  You don’t need any paper or pencil.  Ask, “What is a number > than 11?”  “A number 3 more than 16?”

Also, do some Interrupted Counting/Alphabet  “Give me the next 3 letters after L?”   “Next 3 numbers after 42?”

SOCIAL STUDIES-We will finish up Goods and Services,  Needs and Wants.  I will be assessing them next week on these concepts. We will also connect these ideas of how food goes from the farm to our table.

-Ms. Mohamed

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