Week of November 24th

SHORT WEEK! No school Wednesday, Thursday & Friday!

This a review week: 

Language Arts:

Review types of stories: fiction (not real) v.s. non-fiction (real)

On the go: non-fiction

Duck on a bike: fiction

Letters: Ii, Tt

New sight word for this week: it (not really new, we actually practiced it last week)

Please review all sight words with your child. We will be having a quick sight word check Tuesday. The words are: we, like, a, the, can, go, see, help, it 

Writing: practice writing in a complete sentence. The idea needs to make sense and be in a good structure. We will continue to discuss opinion writing. We will be writing what we are thankful for.


Review counting 0-20 and count forward from any given number in between. count by 10’s, 2d/3d objects


Review how things move depends on their shape: slide, roll

vocabulary: motion

Social Studies: 

Review needs and wants. we will be doing a sorting activity

Needs: water, food, shelter, clean air

Wants: games, toys, cake, candy etc.

Ms. Mohamed



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