Week of November 17th

Literacy Unit: Transportation

Reading: We will be reading  On the go and several other transportation stories. We will discuss different ways of travel by air, by land and by sea. We will discuss places to go to.

Vocabulary: vehicle, journey, travel, place

Writing: We will write 2 sentences. To aide in this process we will make a chart organizing our ideas. We will create a bank of ideas of vehicles of transportation. Then we will choose where to go and what vehicle will be used. These 2 sentences will state what we are traveling on and where to travel to. Our sentence stem will look like this: We will go to______. We  will go on a ______.  We will create a generic title as a whole group. We will create a draft. We will revise and edit. We will then create a published piece.

Sight words: help, go.

Review sight words: we, can, the, a, I, like, see

Letter of the week: Ii (review: all letter Aa-Zz; focus on Aa, Pp, Ss, Mm, Tt)

Math: We will put numbers in order. We will practice counting orally 0-30. We will practice writing numbers 0-20. We will review 2D/3D objects such as cylinder, cube, pyramid, sphere. We will also explore probability this week. We will document ideas in our math journals.

Science: We have started our physical science unit. We will be doing investigations that include how thing moves using terms such as slide and roll. We will document findings in our science journal.

Social Studies: We will explore the concepts of needs and wants. We will be able to sort pictures based on human needs and wants. Needs are means of survival such as clothes, food, water, medicines and and a home. Wants are referred to video games, candy, i-pads etc.

Ms. Mohamed

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