Online Learning – week of March 16, 2020

Dear Families, 

        It is an expectation of Dearborn Schools that learning will continue to take place over the next 3 weeks.  We (Mrs. Jones & Mrs. Kaye) have put together many lessons and activities for you to complete.  We will send one week’s worth of lessons at a time every Friday until we see you again.  Many activities will be in Google Classroom.  Don’t forget, from home, you have to put in your user number and then in order to log in! 

For next week (week of March 16-20) you should complete the following: 


*Lessons 5, 6, 7, 8, & 9

*Complete Zearn for each lesson first (we can see your progress) 

*Read the homework helper for each lesson 

*Complete 3 problems of your choice from your Succeed book for each lesson

*Take a picture of your completed problems and send them to your homeroom teacher on Class Dojo. 

*We have included the link to Embarc on google classroom.  If at any time you would like further assistance, you can watch “the man” 


*Choose a good fit book (chapter book!)

*On Google Classroom you will see an assignment for a Literature Circle Activities Menu

*Choose ONE activity from the menu to complete this week

*Note you do not have to have your entire book read to complete an activity 


*See the Google Classroom assignment (note, there is going to be several google classroom assignments, so you may have to scroll down to get to the one you need!)


*Do one science experiment on your own. Be ready to share results with class.

Social Studies: 

*Feel free to continue watching the Liberty’s Kids videos on You Tube.  We left off on episode 13!


*Please continue to practice the M-STEP practice questions.

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