Mrs. Halimi

Dearborn Public Schools

Halloween Party Planning

on October 12, 2017

Good Morning Parents 🙂

Halloween is quickly approaching and I would like your help in planning our party in room 33!  On Halloween Haigh is having the whole school costume party (Time is not set as of yet) and we will have our class party the same day. Ideally, I would like to have party and parade in the afternoon, but will see.
If you are available to help plan for the party, please come to a short meeting with some fun ideas, crafts, games etc. directly after school next Wednesday the 18th. If you can’t make it, it’s okay, you can still come visit the party. I have a lot of parents that want to volunteer and I want everyone to feel invited to participate and plan for not only this party, but all parties we are having this year. I greatly appreciate the help and enthusiasm of parent participation.
Looking forward to seeing you there!

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