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A Note On Assignments

Posted by on September 10, 2020

Hello all!

First of all, it’s been incredible to “virtually” meet all of you this week. Whether it was hearing your voice, seeing your face, reading what you wrote in the chat or email, or any combination of these, it was nice to have students to connect with.

Meow we still have one day left in the week, but I wanted to take a moment to update you all on assignments for this week, specifically “I Do” assignments. If you did not complete an “I Do” assignment then I have marked it as “Missing” in the gradebook. For many of you, this has turned you’re grade into an “E.”

You may be thinking “Mr. Mustonen, 2020 is already scary enough and now you’re trying to start me off with an E?! Oh the humanity!” and then you faint. Well fear not! You can still compelte those missing assignments this week and next week for NO Late Penalty. See, who said 2020 is all bad?

The reason I’m putting those assignments in as “Missing” is to help you become used to seeing what will happen when you miss online assignments. It helps to stay on top of things (like chairs or beds).

-Mr. Mustonen

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