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   Dec 13

Forensics – Document Analysis Binder Organization

Document Analysis Binder Organization

All Bellworks (This Week On Top)

Classwork/Homework Divider

1. Forensic for Dummies Document Analysis Questions

2. Own Handwriting Analysis Lab

3. 12 Criteria for Analyzing Handwriting

4. Handwriting Analysis Lab

5. Document Analysis Lab (I still have this)

5a. Check Forgery Lab (If you have this)

6.Chromatography Notes

7. Document Analysis Lab Station Review

8. Document Analysis Case Studies Hitler, Jack the Ripper, Lindbergh

9. Document Analysis Study Guide

10. Forensic Files – Last Will and Sign Here

   Nov 15

Forensics Binder Check – Blood

Blood Unit Binder Organization

All bellworks (have this week on top)

Classwork/Homework Divider

1. The Forensics of Blood Article Questions

2. Blood Characteristics Notes and CWP

3. Animal vs. Human Blood Comparison Lab

4. Jeffrey MacDonald Case Study and Questions

5. Presumptive and Confirmatory Blood Tests Reading and Questions

6. Blood Typing Notes

7. Blood Typing CWP

8. Blood Type Review

9. Simulated Blood Typing Lab

10. Forensic Files – 2nd Shot at Love

11. Blood Transfusions Notes

12. Blood Transfusions Problems

13. Blood Transfusion Practice Problems Page 2

14. Blood Statistics

15. The Genetics Behind Blood Typing Notes

16. Genetics of Blood Typing Practice Problemss

17. Blood Unit Study Guide

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   Oct 23

Fingerprint Unit Binder Check

Fingerprint Binder Organization

All Bellworks (Have this week on top)

Classwork/Homework Divider

1. Anatomy of Fingerprints / History of FP Reading

2. Anatomy of Fingerprints Questions / History of FP Questions

3. Bertillon Measurement Lab

4. Fingerprint Basic Notes

5. Practice I.D. Fingerprints

6. Fingerprint Activity (Cards A-R)

7. Fingerprint Types and Characteristics Practice

8. Henry Fingerprint Classification System Notes

9. Fingerprint Quiz

10. Richard Ramirez Case Study and Questions

11. Forensic File – Purebread Murder

12. Henry Classification (Set A – Set E)

13. Fingerprint Analysis – Place Your Prints in the Front Pocket

14. Types of Evidentiary FP Notes

15. Evidentiary Prints Crossword Puzzle

16. Dusting and Lifting: Black and White Powder Procedure – Place Your Prints in the Front Pocket

16a. Guilty or Innocent: Fingerprints Tell the Story Questions with Sub

16b. Forensic Files – Soft Touch and Finger Pane

17. Dusting and Lifting: Magnetic and Fluorescent Procedure – Place Your Prints in the Front Pocket

18. Latent Fingerprint Development Questions

19. Plaster Cast of 3D Print and Silver Nitrate Procedure – Place Your Silver Nitrate Prints in the Front Pocket

20. Fingerprints Unit Study Guide

All Previous Work

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Class Syllabus

Anything Else That’s Back There

   Oct 18

Biology – Evolution Binder Check 2

Evolution Binder Organization Check 2

All Bellworks (have this week on top)

Classwork / Homework Divider

Work From Previous Binder Check

1. Stated Clearly – What is Natural Selection?

2. Evolution, Darwin, and Natural Selection Guided Notes

3. 4 Points of Darwin’s Natural Selection Case Studies

4. How Asia’s Super Divers Evolved for a Life At Sea Article

5.Patterns of Natural Selection Reading and Notes

6. Types of Natural Selection Review

7. Types of Natural Selection Card Activity

8. Mechanisms of Evolution Notes

9. Mechanisms of Evolution Scenarios

10. Journal Page: Sexual Selection

11. 5 Mechanisms of Evolution Review

12. Evolution Part 1 Study Guide




   Sep 25

Binder Organization – Intro, History, Terms, and Crime Scene Investigation

Binder Organization – Intro, History, Terms, and Crime Scene Investigation

All bellwork sheets in order (have this week on top)

Classwork/Homework Divider

1. Cubes of Science Activity – Forensics

2. Evidence vs. Inference Notes with Pictures

3. Be A Detective Activity

4. Forensic Science Multidisciplinary Handout and What is Forensic Science Notes

5. What is Forensic Science Crossword

6. Observation / Evidence Lab

7. History of Forensic Science Notes

8. Forensic Terminology Prediction Handout

9. Forensic Terminology Notes

10. Marquis Bombing Forensic File and CER

11. Preventing Crime Scene Contamination Reading and Questions

12. Individual vs. Class Evidence Lab

13. Crime Scene Protocol Notes

14. Crime Scene Search Activity

15. Crime Scene Search Patterns Pros and Cons

16. Crime Scene Search Pattern Room Activity

17. Background, History, Crime Scene Investigation Review Sheet


18. Syllabus

19. Class Norms

20. Brain Teaser Questions

   May 15

Forensics Toxicology Binder Organization

Toxicology Binder Organization

All Bellworks (Have this week on top)

Classwork/Homework Divider

1. Toxicology Background Reading Questions

2. Toxicology Notes

3. Toxicology CWP

4. Forensic Files – Till Death Do Us Part and Horseplay

5. Unknown Drug Lab

6. Urine: Your Own Chemistry Reading and Questions

7. Urinalysis Background and Questions

8. Background on Chromatography Notes

9. Chromatography Practice

10. Forensic files – Bitter Potion and Penchant for Poison

11. Rf Value Chromatography Practice

12. Understanding Alcohol Questions

13. Breathalyzer Steps – Place in Front Pocket

14. Alcohol BAL/BAC Notes

15. Toxicology Review Sheet

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   May 15

Biology Genetics Binder Organization

Genetics Binder Organization

All Bellworks

Classwork / Homework Divider

1. Basic Genetics Vocab 4 Square

2. Genetics Vocabulary Practice

3. Monster Genetics Activity

4. The Story of Gregor Mendel and his Peas Reading/Questions

5. Mendelian Genetics Notes

6. Genetics Vocabulary Quiz

7. Punnett Practice Packet

8. Pea-cing Together Mendel’s Peas

9. Spongebob Genetics

10. Incomplete Dominance Reading and Notes

11. Incomplete Dominance Practice Problems

12. Codominance Reading, Notes and Sample Problems

13. Patterns of Inheritance Mixed Problems Review (1-8)

14. Blood Types Notes, Demo and Example Problems

15. Blood Types Worksheet

16. Sex-Linked Inhertiance Reading, Notes and Sample Problems

17. X Linked Genes Practice

18. Inheritance Pattern Station Review

19. Patterns of Inheritance Mixed Problems Review (1-13)

20. Nonmendelian PatternsReview Guide

21. Gentoypes of 3 Monsters

22. What Are Chromosomes? Notes

23. Karyotype Online Activity

24. Studying Pedigrees Packet

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   Apr 24

Forensic DNA Binder Organization

Binder Organization

All Bellwork (Have this week on top)

Classwork/Homework Divider

1. DNA and Chromosomes Picture/Notes

2/3. Genetics: Some of the Basics Reading and Questions

4. DNA Technology History Notes

4a. Forensic Files – Bad Blood and Tight Fitting Genes

5. RFLP Notes (8 steps)

6. RFLP Simulation Lab

7. DNA Fingerprinting Case Analysis

8/9. Identical Twins DNA Reading and Questions

10. PCR Notes

11. Electropherogram Results and Table

12. Capillary Electrophoresis Pictures

13. mtDNA vs. nDNA Notes

14. Reading Pedigrees Notes and mtDNA Examples

15/16. Romanov Reading and Questions

17. Forensic Files – Sealed with a Kiss and A Daughter’s Journey

18. A Not So Perfect Match Video Questions

19. DNA Study Guide

   Mar 27

Biology – DNA, RNA and Protein Synthesis Binder Organization

DNA, RNA and Protein Synthesis Binder Organization

All Bellwork (Have this week on top)

Classwork/Homework Divider

1. Biomolecule Concept Map

2. Constructing a DNA Molecule

3. DNA Structure Reading Responses

4. DNA Structure Paperclip Activity

5. DNA Notes

6. Constructing a RNA Molecule

7. DNA vs. RNA Differences Reading and Questions

8. Transcription: DNA –> mRNA Webquest

9. Transcription Notes

10. Steps of Genetic Transcription – Central Dogma Transcription

11. Translation Webquest: mRNA –> Protein

12. Translation Notes

13. Transcription and Translation Practice

14. Protein Synthesis Race

15. Protein Synthesis Sentences Practice

16. DNA Mutations Notes

17. DNA Mutations Practice Worksheet

18. Mutation Station Answer Sheet (I still have this)

19. DNA, RNA, and Protein Synthesis Study Guide

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   Mar 20

Forensics – Glass, Impressions and Prints Binder Organization

Binder Organization – Glass, Impressions and Prints

All Bellworks (This Week on Top)

Classwork/Homework Divider

1. What is Glass? Reading

2. Glass Analysis Background

3. Glass Analysis CWP

4. Forensic Glass Analysis Packet

5. Glass Analysis Check for Understanding

6.Index of Refraction Demo and Practice Calculations

7. Forensic Files – Shattered Dreams and Dirty Laundry

8. Unknown Glass Analysis Lab

9. Forensic Glass Review (1-25)

10. Fatal Phonebooth CER

11. Density and Becke Lines

12. Forensic Files – Catch 22

13. Shoe Impressions and Prints Guided Notes

14. Shoe Impressions and Prints CWP

15. Shoe Casting and Inking Lab (I still have)

16. OJ Simpson Case Study Reading and Questions

17. Individual Shoe Print Comparisons

18. Tracking Down Tires Guided Notes

19. Characterizing and Using Tire Tracks Reading and Questions

20. Tracking Down Tires CWP

21. Crime Scene Tire Analysis Lab

22. Individual Tire Tread Comparison

23. Forensic Files – Treading Not So Lightly

24. Took Mark Reading Questions and CWP

24. Screwdriver Comparison Lab (I still have)

25. Test Review Stations Lab

26. Glass, Impressions and Prints Test Review

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