Week of June 12:

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Monday, June 12:

To start off our final week together, students worked their way through that monster of a review packet and Mr. Moylan was there to answer any/all questions they had as well as the Sem2 Final Review – Key which was posted on the board.

Tuesday, June 13:

Today, our last full day of class together, students got to speed through some really quick bell work before being handed a 3×5 notecard which they could fill with bounties of information for the upcoming finals.

The filled notecards are due at the end of the hour so that Mr. Moylan and go over them and make sure that they don’t contain any sort of contraband (such as worked out examples). So fair game were formulas, rules, and general notes about the material.

As for the review packet, Mr. Moylan will be checking those in before the tests on the day of Finals.

Wednesday, June 14:



Thursday, June 15:



Friday, June 16:




Week of June 05:

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Monday, June 5:

In order to start off our week in a thrilling way, Mr. Moylan passed out the last set of notes to ever be passed out in this Algebra 2 class! It was all about writing Exponential Equations from story problems, and then solving those equations.

We also spent a bit of time talking about the Stats project, which is due at the beginning of class on Wednesday (!!!), and also the Unit Test, which is now coming up on Thursday.

Tuesday, June 6:

We finished off the notes from yesterday with the students now taking the reins of working through each of them problems themselves and then checking against their peers.

Exponential – Growth or Decay Notes

Wednesday, June 7:

Today was a pretty relaxed day as we started off the hour by turning in our Stats projects (if we chose to do them), and then spent the rest of the hour working on a review for our Unit Test tomorrow.

Stats Test Review – Key p1 p2

Thursday, June 8:

Unit Test today!

After finishing our review for the test today, we rocked out on our Final Review Packet (which seems large enough to maim or kill a small animal, but it has to be large enough to cover everything from the whole semester).

We’re going to be spending the rest of the semester working on this packet, because it is just that important to get us ready for the ever-approaching Final.

Friday, June 9:

Students dove feverishly into their review packets today, proving their power over Polynomials and even tackling some Trig.


Week of May 29:

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Monday, May 29:


Tuesday, May 30:

New week, same old Standard Deviation! We talked about how to actually find the Standard Deviation of our data now, by using the deviations from the mean which we’d found last week.

Standard Deviation Notes

Wednesday, May 31:

Today was all about interpreting Box Plot graphs and understanding what they were actually telling us about the data at a glance.

Box Plot Interpretation Notes

Thursday, June 1:

We finished the last question from yesterday’s notes at the start of class today and then spent the rest of the class working through four different Box Plots and answering questions about them, improving our ability to actually read and interpret these graphs.

Box and Whiskers Worksheet

Friday, June 2:

Today was a nice easy Friday. We talked about Outliers during Bell Work, and then went back to reading graphs and Standard Deviation, specifically a super easy way to use the calculator to find the mean and standard deviation instead of figuring it all out by hand.

How to Find Standard Deviation – TInSpire

Standard Deviation Estimations

And then Mr. Moylan hastily remembered that he was going to pass out the optional Stats Project today!


-Collect data from 50 different sources by asking a Quantitative Question (a question which is answered with a number, NOT A YES OR NO). Put the data in a table to keep track of it. Examples (which you may not use are “How many siblings do you have?” or “How many pets do you have?”)

-Make sure that you read the directions and the rubric for the project

-Project is due at the BEGINNING of class on Wednesday, June 7. But this is an OPTIONAL project! If you want another Summative grade in your grade book, I suggest doing this. But if you choose not to, then it will not count against you!

-You can run your questions by me either before/after class or send me an email. But keep in mind, this is a Summative project, you are doing all of the work yourself and must be able to show the work as proof.



Week of May 22:

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Monday, May 22:

Students started off the hour by reviewing some of the material from last week in order to get ready for today’s quiz.

Tuesday, May 23:

We started our Statistics Unit today by looking at different representations of data (Box Plots, Dot Plots, and Histograms) and how to read them effectively.

Reading Stats Graphs Notes

Wednesday, May 24:

Today was all about using and interpreting Dot Plots in order to answer our questions.

Interpreting Dot Plots Notes

Thursday, May 25:

We continued our Stats Speed Run by beginning our discussion of Standard Deviation today.

Start of Standard Deviation Notes

Friday, May 26:



Week of May 15:

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Monday, May 15:

Much to the surprise of the students, we continued working with Trig this week! Even after last week’s successful Unit Test on Trig! Today, we focused on the Pythagorean Identity, using one trig ratio in order to find the other two.

Tuesday, May 16:

We finished off our notes from yesterday, fully embracing the wonders of Pythagoras once more.

Pythagorean Identities

Wednesday, May 17:


Due to the fact that about half of the class was actually in class today, Moylan decided that it’d be better to take a relaxed, easy day to practice our skills with the Pythagorean Identity instead of just moving on to the next topic. So we had a Pythagorean Identities Practice Worksheet which we worked on during class.

Moylan is checking in the front side of the sheet at the beginning of class tomorrow for credit. Because he is a benevolent ruler, the back side is available as extra credit.

Thursday, May 18:

Today we got to put our mastery of Pythagorean identities to use in order to solve some Trig ratios, meaning that we’d set up the triangle and figure out the possible values of theta between 0 and 360.

Solving Trig Notes

Friday, May 19:

Student Survey

Since we have that thrilling Trig quiz on Monday, we spent today working our way through a review on both topics from this week. Answers were posted around the room for students to check themselves before wrecking themselves.

Quiz Review – Key


Week of May 8:

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Monday, May 8:

As we returned from our restful weekend away, Mr. Moylan helped us dive into the wonderful world of writing equations for our Sine and Cosine graphs.

Writing Trig Equations

Tuesday, May 9:

Tuesday was a bit of a struggle for us as we launched into the last of the new material before our test this Friday: graphing Tangent functions. As Mr. Moylan warned, Tangent is just close enough to the Sine and Cosine graphs to be confusing and dangerous. We must tread carefully as we come up with these graphs.

Graphing Tan

Wednesday, May 10:

Today, we wrapped up our speedy discussion of Tangent graphs and then went into Test Review Overdrive with 4, yes 4, full reviews of the material for the test.

Mr. Moylan, following the suggestion of his first hour, and being the benevolent dictator of Algebra 2 that he is, decided that only the three-page review packet would be due for credit on Friday before the test. The other three reviews would all be eligible for extra credit on Friday, as long as they were completely finished.

Test Review Packet – Due for points beginning of class Friday

Extra Credit:

To get extra credit, each assignment must be fully completed, including work!

Writing Sine and Cosine Equations Review

Graphing Tangent (First Page only!)

Graphing Sine and Cosine

Thursday, May 11:

Students got to spend most of the hour working their way through the review worksheets at their own pace with plenty of support from Mr. Moylan and their classmates.

Test Review Key

Extra Credit Keys:

Remember! Must show all work to get extra credit!

Writing Sine and Cosine Equations Key

Graphing Tangent Key

Graphing Sine and Cosine Key

Friday, May 12:

Today is the big day! Quick Q&A session as Mr. Moylan checked in the reviews, but then we dive right into what is going to be an awe-inspiringly easy test on Trig!

For any last minute references you need:


Week of May 1:

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Monday, May 1:

We kicked off May with a study of how to find the cycle, period, amplitude, and the axis of periodic graphs.

Cycles, Periods, Amplitude Notes

Tuesday, May 2:

Mr. Moylan was off communing with nature on such a beautiful day (actually, communing with other math teachers, but it is what it is). While he was off doing that, the students got to hang out with a pretty cool sub who did his best to help them out with their worksheet practicing the skills we’d learned yesterday.

Wednesday, May 3:

When Mr. Moylan made his valiant return today, we finished talking about the notes from Monday, honing our skills with reading periodic graphs. This even had a great segue as we read some secret graphs which turned out to be Sine and Cosine functions. This was a beautiful lead in to the next set of notes about graphing those two types of functions.

Thursday, May 4:

Today marked the continuation of yesterday’s notes as we explored graphing Sine and Cosine even further.

Mr. Moylan even had an epiphany after 1st hour today, realizing that there had to be an easier way to teach students how to graph these functions. So, while he apologizes to 1st hour for being his guinea pigs, Mr. Moylan redesigned the notes for 6th hour and will catch 1st hour up tomorrow.

Friday, May 5:

We practiced sketching Sine and Cosine graphs from the given functions today in celebration of the ending of our fifth marking period.


Week of April 24:

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Monday, April 24:

We got to start our week off with some thrilling arts and crafts today as we color-coded our very own Unit Circle which we could use to reference exact values of Sine and Cosine for specific angles.

We then talked about some of the key features of the Unit Circle, as well as deriving the sine and cosine for our very first angle on the circle.

Tuesday, April 25:

Today marked the end of our arts and crafts for the time being as we finished the Unit Circle and then used the patterns we noticed to fill in the rest of the values.

We then practiced reading and using the Unit Circle in a review game.

Wednesday, April 26:

Mr. Moylan would have much rather been in class today, yet the world is not always kind. While they were missing him terribly, the students made their way through a review worksheet in order to prepare for the quiz.

Trig Quiz 1 Review Key p1 p2

Thursday, April 27:

In order to celebrate Mr. Moylan’s valiant return to the classroom, we spent most of the hour going over yesterday’s review so that we could be sure everyone knew what was happening in each type of problem. This meant that there was not enough time to take the quiz today, so THE QUIZ HAS BEEN MOVED TO TOMORROW!

Instead of taking the quiz, we took another OEFA about special right triangles, and even reflected on our own personal growth in terms of these open-ended questions over the course of the year.

Friday, April 28:

After bell work, we got our OEFAs back and discussed what would constitute a 100%. We then graded our own OEFAs, giving ourselves accurate feedback so that we can continue to improve, followed by a reflection upon our reflection from yesterday. After this, we took our QUIZ!


Week of March 27:

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Monday, March 27:

This week is all about mastering some math skills which will prove entirely too useful on our SATs when we return from break! We continued working through the geometry skills packet we got last week (either Thursday or Friday) and discussed some of the basics of Trigonometry.

Tuesday, March 28:

Today marked the completion of our geometry packet (at least for most of us) as we trudged on through the last handful of problems. We also spent time discussing important test taking skills and strategies, such as rereading the questions in order to figure out what we’re actually being asked to do so that we can look for the worthwhile information (I’m looking at you, question about finding the height of a triangle).

Wednesday, March 29:

There was a bit of a surprise today as Mr. Moylan had the students take a “Practice SAT” based on the PSAT we’d taken at the beginning of the semester. It was taken in an “SAT Setting”, so there was limited time for each section, and then students were encouraged to reflect on how they answered each question so that we could have a discussion about the strategies we used and challenges we’d faced during the test.

Thursday, March 30:

This was our day to go over the Practice SAT from yesterday in-depth. We saw the correct answers to each problem and worked through the ones which we had questions about. This took a while, but being even more prepared for the SAT and confident in our math skills made it worthwhile.

PSAT – Commonly Missed Review – Key

Friday, March 31:

After we finished bell work today, we took a short SAT-Prep quiz, and then had the option to either use a chromebook to practice in Khan Academy or to continue following along with the review of the packet from Wednesday.


Week of March 20:

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Monday, March 20:

Today marked the beginning of our review for our test this week. Make sure that you give the review questions a shot, that way you can figure out exactly what you need more help with before starting the test!

Test 2 Review Sheet – Key

Tuesday, March 21:

We spent the first part of class going over the review from yesterday, answering any and all questions which came up. Then, we played a review game which helped us hone our skills of picking out the important patterns of our higher order polynomials.

Wednesday, March 22:

Polynomials Unit Test Today!

We spent the first few minutes of class on some last minute cramming in order to feel just a bit more prepared.

After we finished the test, we found something silent to do in order to celebrate our victorious triumph over polynomials while waiting for our comrades to finish their own victories.

Thursday, March 23:

1st Hour – Today we worked with the wonderful Ms. Rosbury in order to link our Khan Academy and College Board accounts so that we could use an amazing service in order to prepare for the SATs in 2 weeks!

6th Hour – We made sure to bring our planners with us today so that we could work on My Learning Plan so that we can be sure that we’ll finish the year strong in math.

Friday, March 24:

1st Hour – We made sure to bring our planners with us today so that we could work on My Learning Plan so that we can be sure that we’ll finish the year strong in math.

6th Hour – Today we got our chance to work with the wonderful Ms. Rosbury in order to link our Khan Academy and College Board accounts so that we could use an amazing service in order to prepare for the SATs in 2 weeks!

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