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Week 4 Online Learning (April13-April 17)

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Welcome Back: Hope everyone had a relaxing Spring Break!

Must Do:

  • spelling assignments 
  • 30 minutes reading DAILY
  • Freckle- Reading articles and Math Practices
  • Daily journal entry (Work on Writing)

Freckle Reading and Writing assignments 

Week 4 Spelling -(Monday– write four times each, Tuesday-vowels in red/consonant in blue, Wednesday-sentences using your spelling words, Thursday– alphabetic order, and Friday– rainbow writing. 

Spelling (Irregular Plural Nouns)

  1. Woman
  2. Women
  3. Goose 
  4. Geese
  5. Mouse 
  6. Mice
  7. Man
  8. Men
  9. Foot 
  10. Feet

Work on Writing 


Compare what it is like having school from home and school in a classroom. Think about the positive and negative aspects of both. Which do you prefer and why?


What is your favorite game/activity that you are doing at home during the quarantine that you did not do as much in the past, ex. Puzzles, baking, cooking, reading, watching TV… Describe why it is your favorite. 


Adjectives are describing words. We use adjectives so others can get a better picture of the things we are describing. Pick a family member and use adjectives to describe them. Describe all the things that make them special.


Write a letter to the friend you miss the most from class. Tell them why you miss them so much. 


Heads up/Seven up…Hot Potato…Little Sally Walker… Red Light/Green Light…Musical Chairs 

Which game that we play in school is your favorite? Why is it your favorite? 

After reading a book daily fill out the following comprehension questions ..

Fiction Books:

Text  Type-

1. What is the author’s purpose for this book?
2. What is the problem in the story? 
3. How was the problem solved?
4.How did the character in the story act throughout the story?
5.  This story reminds me of a time I ….

Nonfiction Books:

Text  Type-
1. What is the main idea of this book?
2. The three facts I learned are….
3. After using the glossary pick two words and write the  meaning.
4. The photograph that helped me understand the text more is …….. .
5. After reading this book I now know more about…..

Writer’s Workshop (1 Week Assignment)

Opinion Piece: Should schools stop letting students celebrate birthdays in school? Why or why not? 


Scholastic News Articles:

  • Go to Grade 2
  • Log in
  • click on student
  • our class code is 

How to get students to their assignments

1. Have students go

2. Students enter class code MKUPDK

3. Tell your students that their default password is 1234

Readworks – Code -MKUPDK Password-1234

Below are Fiction and Non-Fiction comprehension questions students should answer after reading each book from their reading bag. They must choose 3 questions per book to answer.

Non-Fiction Questions

1 Write 3 facts you learned from this book.2 What is the most interesting thing that you learned?3 Who do you think would be interested in the book you read? Explain why….
4 What was the author’s purpose? Explain how you know.5 Find a heading in your book. Tell me what page it is on and write what the heading is teaching us about.6 Choose 4 vocabulary words from your text. With each word: Describe it, illustrate it, and use it in a sentence.
7 What are 2 questions you still have about this topic?8 With an adult, do some online research about your topic and write 2 NEW facts your learned (that were NOT in your book).9 Write a connection that you have with this topic. Why are you interested in this topic and what else are you still wondering?


1 Do a picture walk of your story. Write down your prediction for what you think will happen.  2 What is the problem and solution of your book?3 What is the author’s purpose for writing this story? How do you know? -Persuade -Inform -Entertain  
4 What is the main idea of this story? What do you think the author wanted you to learn?5 Retell the story: First… Next… Then… Last…6 Did this story remind you of anything? Write down your connection and tell me what kind of connection it is.
7 Write 3 new or interesting words from your story and write their definition.8 How do you think the main character felt in this story and why?9 Draw a picture of your favorite part of the story and write 3 sentences about it.

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