Last Friday of the School Year!

Parents and Students To Do List for Friday, June 5th

Here are the assignments from the week:

  • Daily Math Homework
  • Zearn Lessons
  • Water Park Project (Due Date: TODAY!)
  • Math Exit Ticket 
  • Finish and Submit any missing assignments on Google Classroom

Here’s the link for Math Exit Ticket (Read Directions First):

For your last report card, you will be graded based on participation. Please take the weekend to complete and submit any missing assignments. Please watch this 3 minute video on how to check for missing assignments on Google Classroom

As we end our final week of learning, we want to thank our 4th Grade families for doing an amazing job keeping up with school work. We are so proud of your students for the work and effort that they have put into online learning. We hope that we made online learning enjoyable for your student!

For next week, we are planning to have a Virtual Talent Show through Seesaw. Please take the weekend to think about what you want to do for your talent. You can choose to sing, dance, play an instrument, show your art, recite a poem, or any other talent you want to showcase. We look forward to ending the year by celebrating you!

If you haven’t used Seesaw, please follow the directions below:

If you are from Ms. Cronin’s class please use these directions:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose “I’m a Student”
  3. Type in the code: VPSS MBJF. This code expires on June 11, 2020
  4. Finish creating your account using your school Google account 

If you are from Ms. Vuichard or Mrs. Greco’s Class use these directions:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose “I’m a Student”
  3. Sign in using your school Google account Click on your profile icon on the top left
  4. Find the Assignment “Virtual Talent Show” and read the directions

Other than that, please have a wonderful weekend!

Be Safe,

The Fourth Grade Teachers

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