Halloween and PBIS Celebration Donations

Please sign up to donate food and/or drink items for the Halloween Party on October 31. The party will start 10:35 a.m. and end at 12:00 p.m. (right before lunch). Students will be going straight to lunch after the party. Right after lunch, we will be watching the Movie “Coco”. Permission slips for the movie will be coming home next week. The costume parade will start around 2:50 p.m.. During the party, students will be going through rotations that involve making crafts, mummy bowling, Bean Bag Toss, Target Throw, Bingo, and enjoying some tasty treats. If you are available to help during the party from 10:35 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., please email me or class dojo message me. I would love to have parents run the stations during the party. 

*** Cider and Donut Donations are for our PBIS Celebration on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29TH! If you sign up for either the cider and/or donuts, please bring these items on that Thursday***

Thank you in advance for your donations for the party 🙂


Winter Line Up and Recess Reminders

Winter Reminders:
Winter Line up and recess: Please make sure that your students are coming to school with winter coats, hats, and gloves for morning line up and for lunch recess. We follow the protocol below for our students with outdoor lunch recess and morning student lineup:

Important InformationHaigh students go outside 3 times a day for recess. It is
extremely important to follow the guidelines listed below. 
Helpful itemsAn extra pair of shoes is suggested for “rainy or muddy”
days. Boots are suggested for the winter months. Students
are not allowed in the snow without boots. Snow and ice are to remain on the ground.
60-51Students may wear a t-shirt outside. Long sleeve shirt or
jacket is suggested. 
50-40students must have a coat, fleece, or hoodie with an
undershirt to go outside.
39-30students must have a winter coat or a fleece to go
outside. Boots must be worn in order to go into the snow areas. 
29-21students must have a winter coat, hat, and gloves to go
outside. Boots must be worn in order to go into the snow
20 and BelowIndoor line up (District Policy-this is followed by each
school in the district)No class or lunch recess outdoors

Fall and Winter Reminders Link


Thank you for your help with keeping our students safe and warm during these cold winter months     

Mr. Short

ابتدائية هيج


ملاحظات شتوية

الاصطفاف و فترات اللعب و الاستراحة خلال فصل الشتاء يرجى التأكد من حضور الطلاب إلى المدرسة مرتدين المعاطف الشتوية والقبعات والقفازات لارتدائها خلال الاصطفاف الصباحي وفترات الاستراحة بعد الغداء. نحن نتبع البروتوكول أدناه لطلابنا أثناء فترات اللعب في الخارج بعد فترة الغداء واصطفاف الطلاب:

معلومات هامةيخرج الطلاب للعب في الخارج ثلاث مرات يومياً. من المهم جداً اتباع التعليمات الواردة أدناه:
أشياء مساعدة:●      نقترح عليكم إحضار حذاء إضافيا للأيام الماطرة و الموحلة.●       نقترح أيضاً ارتداء الطلاب الجزمات طوال فترة الشتاء. لن يسمح للطلاب بالتواجد في الثلج دون جزمات.●       يمنع اللعب بالثلج والجليد و يجب ان يبقوا على الأرض.
درجات الحرارة 
60-51●  يمكن للطلاب ارتداء قميص في الخارج نقترح أن يكون قميص أو رداء طويل الأكمام أو معطف( جاكيت)
50-40●  يجب أن يرتدي الطلاب معطف، أو ملابس صوفية، أو رداء بقبعة مع قميص داخلي للخروج و اللعب خارجاً.
39-30●  يجب أن يرتدي الطلاب معطف، أو ملابس صوفية، أو رداء بقبعة مع قميص داخلي للخروج و اللعب خارجاً.●  يجب ارتداء الجزمات للعلب في أماكن تواجد الثلوج.
29-21●  يجب أن يرتدي الطلاب معطف، أو ملابس صوفية، أو رداء بقبعة مع قميص داخلي للذهاب للخارج.●  يجب ارتداء الجزمات للعلب في أماكن تواجد الثلوج.
أقل من 20 درجة●  الاصطفاف داخلي ( سياسية القطاع التعليمي المتبعة في جميع أمدارس القطاع)●  لا صفوف و لا فترات لعب أو استراحة خارجية.

أشكركم على مساعدتكم في الحفاظ على سلامة طلابنا ودفئهم خلال أشهر الشتاء الباردة.


السيد شورت

4th Grade T-Shirts!

Today students will bring home a slip for ordering a 4th Grade T-Shirt! This year we are all about Family! The 4th grade team will be placing an order for the shirt pictured below.  We thought it would be nice to have matching grade-level shirts for all field trips, events, picnic, field day, and any other time! Price is $6.50 a shirt for sizes Youth- S through Adult- XL.  For 2X or larger, add $2.50.  Check blog for a colored picture of the shirt (lime with black writing).

All orders and money are due by: Friday, November 1st, 2019

Homework and Announcements for Oct. 14th to Oct. 18th

Happy October Room 6 Families!

Homework and Announcements for the week:

** Parent Meeting for the Halloween Party will be this Thursday at 8:00 a.m. in my room (Room 6). Please feel free to bring your child to the meeting. Please come with ideas for food and activities!**

Math: This week we will be reviewing for our End of Module Test this THURSDAY! I will send the study guide home as homework on Tuesday Night. We will check it in class on Wednesday! Then, take the test Thursday!

Here is the homework for the week:

10/14 Study for End of Module Test on Thursday, October 17th. Use Succeed or Learn Book to do practice problems for Lessons 1 through 5 (Not Lesson 4, though).

10/15 Complete Study Guide for Homework and Return it to school on Wednesday

10/16 Study for End of Module Test using Study Guide

10/17 Zearn Module 3 Lesson 9

10/18 Zearn Module 3 Lesson 9, No Quiz Monday!

Spelling:  Spelling will be online this year. Students can access the spelling activities online at home. For the most part, students should be studying these words at home everyday.

Reading: 20 minutes, reading log is coming home today. Students will now be able to go onto Raz Kids at home. This website allows students to read stories and answer questions about that story. It helps students with reading comprehension!The next Reading Log will be due October 31st!

Upcoming Dates

10/15 Costume Bingo fro Books 6:30 to 7:30 in Cafeteria

10/16 Late Start

10/17 Parent Meeting for Planning the Halloween Party!

10/18 Haigh School Store

10/25 Halloween Dance 6pm in the Gym

10/25 Last day to turn in Box Tops

10/31 Costume Parade and PBIS Celebration

10/31 Halloween Party

Math Quiz Monday

Students do have homework this weekend: pg 113 #1, #2, #3 (These are story problems that they might see on the quiz)

Here are the homework answers from this week’s homework. The quiz will consist of 6 conversion problems (kg to g, g to kg, km to m, m to km, L to mL, mL to L) and 4 story problems for a total of 10 problems. Feel free to use the homework answers as a guide of what the questions might look like.

I hope all my Room 6 families have a fantastic weekend!