Final Announcements before Spring Break!

Final Announcements for the Week:

Thank you parents and students for all your hard work this week. Please read the following below for what 4th grade is going to look like after Spring Break.

Looking forward to after Spring Break, students will need a notebook or pieces of paper to do their math on. I will be sending a pdf of the math book for students to follow along with. If you have a printer, then you can print the pdf and work on the pages that I assigned. If you do not have a printer, I will be making a video to show how you can do the math problems on a sheet of paper. Also, I will be using Zearn to track student’s progress, so please try to log into Zearn using your device to make sure it works. Lastly, if you are denied access from watching the math videos and/or taking the Math Exit Ticket, then please email me at

Also, please take this week’s Math Exit Ticket, and the Weekly Survey. If you want to take the weekend to finish the assignments, we would greatly appreciate it.

Weekly To-Do List Check In:

Math Exit Ticket (It’s also on Google Classroom): 

After Spring Break Science and Social Studies will be set up through Google Classroom. We will let you know the new set up right after our break. This is a work in progress but we hope it will alleviate the problems we have been experiencing. 

For Reading and Writing, this is definitely our biggest area of concern and we will be meeting over the next week to decide what it will look like when we return after our break. Please log on to iReady for your reading and word work. You have an account and we want you to use it.

Again, thank you parents for your support during this time. We know it is hard and we are here to support you. Please email us if you have any questions or concerns. 

We hope you and your family have a great Spring Break!

The 4th Grade Teachers!

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