MSTEP Meeting

As a reminder there will be a meeting today at 2:30 in the cafeteria to talk about MSTEP. Testing will start next Monday, April 29th. I encourage you all to come if you are able to, it will be very beneficial for you and your child.

Thank you!

Miss Hespen

Week of 4/15

Happy Monday!
This week will be working on MSTEP practice as well as working through our curriculum. It is so important for your child to be working on Study Island everyday. It is written in their planner for how long they should be doing this.

Since we have a shorter week we will not have spelling words.

Thursday: Spring Picture Day, yearbooks cost $15-there are limited copies, order forms for Oakman shirts due.

Friday: No School

Week of 3/4

Happy Sunday Parents!

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Here is a look at our week:

Monday we will be celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday so I ask if they have any Dr. Seuss books at home they can bring them in Monday as well as a flashlight! Thank you!

Image result for dr seuss books    Image result for flashlight

Spelling Words for this week:

  1. tickle
  2. puddle
  3. bubble
  4. riddle
  5. pickle
  6. giggle
  7. middle
  8. muddle
  9. able
  10. table
  11. observe
  12. plants
  13. citizen
  14. local
  15. state

This theme for March Is Reading Month is “We are an Ocean of Readers” Attached is a calendar that explains each day of March.

March 2019
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

.March is Reading Month Kick off

decorate classroom door

استقبال شهر القراءة-تزيين ابواب الصف


Go to the public library

اذهب الى المكتبة العامة

3Read with a family member

اقرأ مع احد افراد العائلة

4Read by flashlight

اقرأ على ضوء المصباح اليدوي

5List all the people you know that love to read.


Math Problem in your pocket day.


Write a story with your favorite character in it.


Read a magazine

9Read a “Good Fit” book

اقرأ كتابا مناسب لك.


Run outside for 10 minutes.

اركض لمدة 10 دقائق


Be a word day, Pin a word to the front, and put the definition on the back


Read the cover of a cereal box.

Oakman spirit wear day!

13 Write a joke, and put it in your pocket for school.

Dress like a sea Creature.

14Mismatch/crazy hair Day


Pajama Day

Read In


Go to the public library

اذهب الى المكتبة العامة


Read with a stuffed animal/

Spirit week!

اقرأ مع الحيوان اللعبة-اسبوع اللهو


Read a non-fiction book

اقرأ كتابا علمي\غير خيالي

19Read a story and tell it to someone else

اقرأ قصة واخبرها لاحد ما.


Draw a sea Creature, name it. and put it in your pocket


Call a relative, and read them a short story.

اتصل باحد الاقرباء واقرا قصة صغيرة لهم.


Turn off the TV and read tonight

اطفئ التلفاز واقرأ


Take a walk with a family member and talk about your favorite book.

قم بالمشي مع احد افراد العائلة واخبرهم عن كتابك المفضل.

24 Read a cookbook.

Make a snack.

اقرأ كتابا للطبخ -حضر وجبة خفيفة

25 Write a story with your favorite character in it.

اكتب قصة فيها احد الابطال المفضلين لديك.

26 Write a letter to a friend and give it to them tomorrow at school.


Write a poem and put it in your pocket.

28 Read a book to your stuffed animal

اقرأ كتابا للحيوان اللعبة


March is reading month wrap up!


Snow Day

Happy snow day!

Please make sure your child:

Reads for 30 minutes
Zearn for 30 minutes
Spelling: Rainbow words

Reminders: Tomorrow we have our field trip. Please have your student bring a lunch with them. If I did not receive the permission slip paper yesterday please make sure I get it tomorrow. Thank you!

Miss Hespen

Week of 2/11

Happy Monday Parents!
I am hoping to see you all at STEM night today at 4:30! It will be an awesome night with hands on activities all from the Ann Arbor Hands on Museum! Please join us and bring the whole family!

Here are our spelling words for this week:
1. hire
2. earth
3. learn
4. retire
5. early
6. heard
7. earn
8. tire
9. fire
10. fear
11. conclusion
12. believe
13 purpose
14. economy
15. resource

As a reminder we have a field trip Wednesday, if you did not turn in the permission slip please have your child bring that in tomorrow. If I do not have a permission slip they will not be able to go.

We will be having a Valentines Day party on Thursday which is also a half day. Dismissal at 11:45. I will post a note about the party later today.

There is no school Friday or Monday.

Snow Day Thursday

Hello! I hope you are all staying warm. Since the cold weather is still very much here there will be no school again tomorrow. 

Please make sure to keep them reading and they should be sharing with me a summary about what they read for each day. 

If you have not yet signed up for ClassDojo please ask your child for the sticky note I sent home yesterday. The sticky note has a class code for any parents having difficulty logging in.

Please stay warm and safe during this polar vortex! 

Miss Hespen

Week of 1/28

Hope you are all keeping warm!

This week we will finish NWEA testing. This is going to be an important week for testing as we will be finishing math and starting reading on Tuesday. They have done an AMAZING job so far and their hard word is truly showing. I know they are going to keep it up with reading as well! Please make sure they get a good night sleep and a good breakfast. As homework and practice they should be going on Study Island ELA for reading. I’m so proud of each of my students!

Have a wonderful evening,

Miss Hespen

Class Dojo

Hi Parents!

As a way to improve parent contact and important messages, our class got Class Dojo! I sent each of you an email so please check for that and sign up for our class! This is a great way to see how your child is doing each day and to easily contact me with any questions or concerns. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Miss Hespen