Homework 9/9/20

Today you have Lesson 1 for math. Please work on it in your succeed book and then send me a picture of it. You can send me the picture through Schoology or to my email.

The second part of your homework is to answer the following questions. If they are working for you in Schoology then you may work on it there. If not please type them out and send to them to me.

Please reach out with any questions. Thank you.


Tuesday – 9/8/20

Awesome job today 3rd graders! 

If you did not recieve a message from me on Schoology with a link you are all set for today. Remember to be working on your writing and any work we did this morning that you might not have finished. 

Writing: My goals for this year are… 

You are writing this in your red writing notebook. You are all 3rd graders now so remember that as you work on your writing. At least 5 sentences please. 

We did bellwork and your morning check in. If those did not work for you please go back to student portal and try again. (I am hoping the glitches are gone from that) 

If you did recieve a message from me with a link please click that link at the time stated in the message. 

Let’s end on a fun note with a 1 second party,

3, 2, 1… 


See you all tomorrow morning! 


Information for 9/8/20

Hi there! I hope you are all enjoying your long weekend.

Tomorrow is our first day of live zoom sessions. I have sent each student a message on Schoology. Please just have your child respond with “hi” back to my message. This will help me figure out who is able to login on Schoologly.

I posted a video on my blog of the steps to get into Schoologly as well if you need help doing so. Please reach out if you need more assistance.

Tomorrow our Zoom meeting will begin at 9:00AM. From there we will be going over more detailed information.

I look forward to seeing all of you online tomorrow morning!


Thursday, September 3rd


Rise and Shine!!

You have almost made it through your first week of 3rd grade!! Below are the answers to yesterdays work. Thank you for sending me your work.

Today you will be getting an email from me with your assignment. Your job is to reply and answer the questions. I want you all to get used to using your email! Remember this also counts as your attendance. If I don’t receive anything from you I will think you are absent!

Remember we have a long weekend coming up. We do not have school Friday or Monday.

You will all be placed in my Schoology course today so keep an eye out for that.

This is our course. When you see this on your courses you want to click it!

Keep in mind that nothing will be available to students until Monday night. I will post a video to show you how to navigate into Schoology later today.

Starting Tuesday, September 8th we will be using Zoom and Schoology. We will work through it together. Our meeting will start at 9AM!

Go check your email!



If your child is still in need of a chromebook please email their classroom teacher and ask for a request.
Email me with any questions:
Thank you.


Wednesday, September 2nd

Good morning boys and girls!

Most of you have already received your material bag! Only 2 of you have not and you will be getting it this morning.

Inside you bag is a packet. You will be working on 2 of those pages today. Below is a picture of each page I would like you to do. Don’t forget to send me a picture when you are done.

I will post the answers later today!

make me proud

Day 2!

Another awesome day for my 3rd graders!

I loved all of your responses to your read aloud this morning!

Something I am nervous about is being online. I miss having a class full of your smiling faces. I am excited to see your faces on zoom and maybe even in person when Learning Labs start! I want you all to know that no matter if we are online or in person we are going to have a great year.

Go Oakman Lions!