Class Curriculum

PE Curriculum

Above is a link that will take you to the Dearborn Physical Education Curriculum and Standards.  Included in this document are as follows:

  • Goals of the physical education program
  • Skills/Concepts of the program
  • Fitness/Affective Capacitites of the program

If you have questions about any of the information provided please reach out to me.

2017-18 Report Card Assessments

Above is a link to the assessments that I will be grading students on this year.  The assessments are broken down by grade level.  Again, if you have any questions about anything please do not hesitate to reach out to me.


As a physical education teacher I take the curriculum and the assessments very seriously.  I try to prepare these kids with ample amount of practice time so that when testing time arrives, they are more than prepared to be successful.

Maybe the most critical element of my physical education class is my expectation for student behavior.

I have high expectations for student behavior in my class, especially when it comes to listening skills, respect, and effort.  I want to make sure students are becoming great communicators, which means being able to actively listen.  I expect students to demonstrate respect when interacting with equipment, classmates, and myself.  Lastly, I ask for the students best effort no matter the task.