Activities for the Week

Aim to complete 10 minutes of each type of activity per 3-4 days per week to support healthy brain and body development. Your child should be supervised for safety during these activities.

Vestibular (Movement Input); This kind of sensation helps support our balance, postural control, muscle tone, spatial orientation, alertness and eye movements. There is a link attached for a video regarding vestibular input.

  • Swinging– in blankets, hammock, toddler swing
  • Rocking in a rocking chair
  • Helping your child go “upside down.” You can lay them over your lap or lay off the couch to give them inverted input. This is the strongest type of movement input you can give a child, so only do for 10 seconds at a time. This is also very stimulating for the eye muscles, so you may notice your child blinking or closing their eyes. 
  • Bouncing-large balls, old mattress or old couch cushions 

Proprioception (Joint and Muscle Input); This kind of sensation is very calming and organizing for the nervous system. This system helps our body’s know how to move, how much force to use for things like putting on our socks and shoes and coordinating our body in space. The video link to follow is a good explanation of this system.

  • Stair climbing/sliding– bumping down on bottom
  • Crawling-through tunnels or boxes on all fours, or under chairs
  • Roughhousing-play wrestling
  • Silly animal walks– crab, bear, slithering like a snake, frog hop
  • Squishing between pillows or blankets
  • Massage
  • Hanging-from adult hands or trapeze bar

Tactile (Touch Input); The kind of sensation allows us to feel with our skin. This system is very important for everything we do with our hands. 

  • Massage/back rubs– varied lotions, powders
  • Tactile adventure bins– cornmeal, oatmeal, water, sand, lentils
  • Hand and finger squeezes
  • Brushing-varied brushes
  • Sticky play– tape, contact paper, glue
  • Bath time– bubbles, crayon soap, back scrub brushes
  • Play-doh

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