Winter Learning

This break we are requiring students to work for 150 minutes on khan academy using their NWEA scores. To ensure that you get the full 150 minutes and are working on the correct topics please follow these steps.

1.Login to clever from the website.

2. Click on khan academy

3. In the search bar within the web page type in map nwea

4. Click on the first link

5. Scroll down to see your scores for the four categories of the NWEA test.

6. Click on the category that has the lowest scores and work specifically within that category. If you complete a category you can click on the next set of skills at the bottom right of the page or work on another topic from the NWEA category list.

You need to complete 150 actual work time minutes. That means about 15 minutes a day or 2 and a half hours total. Check your progress and remember it takes about 10-15 minutes for your work to register on the khan website.

If you have any problems please send Mrs. McGrath or Ms. Harris and email.

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