February 14th, 2020

Winter break assignment will be ixl 6th grade z.6 with 95% or higher. We will be learning about solving one and two step equations in unit 3. This will be due on February 23rd at midnight.

5th hour needs to complete 6th grade z.3 z.6 and AA.1 with 95% or higher due by February 23rd by midnight.

February 5, 2020

Tomorrow we will be reviewing for lesson 12 and Friday will be lesson 12 quiz. Next week we will finish the unit with lesson 13. Winter break will be February 17-21st. When we come back from break we will start unit 3 equations and expressions along with wida testing.

Please continue to check your grades in student connect and makes sure all work is turned in. Lesson 11 test corrections will be tomorrow Thursday February 6th after school. You must have all work turned in to retake the test.

January 23, 2020

This week is the start of the second semester, grades and passes have been reset. Report cards will be mailed home in the coming weeks. Please continue to check mistar throughout the card marking to make sure you have turned in all assignments for the card marking.

Thursday we began lesson 11. From now until winter break we will be talking about rates and ratios. Homework was given out Thursday and will be due Friday. Tuesday we will be reviewing and the quiz for this unit will be next Wednesday.

Please make sure you are doing your part to be in class each day on time. Also remember that you need to bring your math notebook, folder, and pencil with you each day.

If you ever have any questions please see one of us before or after school.

Math Midterm

Today students were given a math midterm review and cheat sheet. Answers to the math midterm review will be on google classroom at the end of the day. Students may use the colored sheet of paper provided in class today to make a cheat sheet with. Some items you may want to include are integer rules, fraction rules, decimal rules, words that mean positive and negative numbers, how to tell if something is proportional, as well as knowing what double, triple and quadruple means.

Midterm will start tomorrow with 13 questions and Wednesday we will have another 13 questions and a bonus extra credit question.

Any students that have not completed the NWEA will complete on Thursday during make-ups.

January 7, 2020

Welcome back and Happy New Year!! We will begin the NWEA for math Wednesday, January 8th-Friday, January 10th. Please make sure that you get a good nights sleep and eat a good breakfast each morning. Even though winter learning is done you can still practice your skills on ixl and khan.

************************Reminder ************************

If you make your growth target for winter you will be rewarded with a bag of chips.

If 75% of the class makes their growth target we will have a class reward day.

The end of the card marking will be January 17th. All work including extra credit is due January 16th.

Winter Learning

This break we are requiring students to work for 150 minutes on khan academy using their NWEA scores. To ensure that you get the full 150 minutes and are working on the correct topics please follow these steps.

1.Login to clever from the dearbornschools.org website.

2. Click on khan academy

3. In the search bar within the web page type in map nwea

4. Click on the first link

5. Scroll down to see your scores for the four categories of the NWEA test.

6. Click on the category that has the lowest scores and work specifically within that category. If you complete a category you can click on the next set of skills at the bottom right of the page or work on another topic from the NWEA category list.

You need to complete 150 actual work time minutes. That means about 15 minutes a day or 2 and a half hours total. Check your progress and remember it takes about 10-15 minutes for your work to register on the khan website.

If you have any problems please send Mrs. McGrath or Ms. Harris and email. mcgratm@dearbornschools.org harrisj@dearbornschools.org

December 13, 2019

Next Monday we will be taking a practice NWEA test in class. It will be a test similar to the NWEA that we take in January. It is very important that you are here on Monday to take the practice exam.

We will be working on lesson 10 the remainder of the week with a quiz on Thursday. Make sure missing assignments are turned in and that you are checking your grades weekly.