Happy Summer!

Hope everyone stays safe and has an awesome summer! I will see everyone in August! Feel free to send me pictures and/or texts to let me know how the students are doing. I will miss them dearly!

DPS Art Show

 The Art show will be at the Padzieski Gallery in the Civic Center. It will be open today, Tuesday April 5th with an opening show at 4:30pm. The show will close April 26th. Two of our very close friends will be showing their pieces in the art show!

Exotic Zoo assembly

Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 5, 2022, there will be an exotic zoo assembly. This will be an exciting day for our class!

Day 20-Chapters 23 and 24

Read pages 295-307.

Glenda wants to use the Golden Cap to help Dorothy get home. Talk about what you would use the Golden Cap for if you got to use it in your own life.