Week Of February 14th

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Hello 🙂  We have a lot of things happening this coming week that you need to be aware of:

Your child is bringing home a permission slip for our big state capital trip to Lansing.  This is part of our 3rd grade social studies curriculum.  Please take time to read it thoroughly.

Your child is also bringing home a permission slip for an animal assembly that will take place on Tuesday the 12th.  Every child must have a signed permission slip to attend.  There is also an option to purchase a picture of your child with one of the animals. You do NOT need to do this in order for your child to attend.

On Wednesday we will have our PBIS assembly.  All students who stayed on green during the month of January will be recognized.  In our class they are:   Sarah, Naveen, Rihanna, Mohamed, Jonah, Maya, Julia, Tala, Tristian, Ali N. Lily, Ali S. Celine, Jake, Talia and Dede 🙂

We will also honor the students of the month at this assembly.  Our January Students of the Month are:  Sarah Abdelfattah and Mohamed Debouk.  Congratulations to them both!

On Thursday we have a half day of school as well as a Valentine’s Day party.  Your child is welcome to bring in Valentine cards for his/her classmates.  I have sent a list of names home with your child today. We will be making valentine holders in class, but I do not need you to send in anything for this 🙂  The party will take place in our classroom at 10:35 a.m.

Friday and Monday are part of Mid-Winter break (as if we haven’t had enough breaks this month! :o) so there will be no school on Friday Feb. 15th and Monday Feb. 18th.

Have a nice weekend!



Math Quiz

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Due to the “ice day” our Math Topic B quiz has been moved from today until tomorrow (Friday).  I am sending home a Math News parent letter in order to give you an idea of the material that will be covered on this quiz.  Look for it in your child’s take home folder today.  Thanks!

One More Thing

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I forgot to mention that MONDAY, February 4th is our January PBIS reward.  All of the students that have less than 4 yellows and no blues or reds are invited to bring a board game or card game from home to play with his/her classmates for a 1/2 hour on Monday.  I will email you personally if your child did not meet the criteria to participate.  These children will participate in relearning school expectations and reflecting on what they could do differently in the month of February to improve behavior.

Week Of February 4th

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I’m hoping that this coming week will be more “normal!”  Between the snow days and the absences, I will be doing a lot of catching up with students.  Please check your child’s folder if he/she missed school days in which school was NOT canceled as there will be make up work to complete.

This week we will:

Have the Math TOPIC B quiz (covering Lessons 4-7) Thursday, Feb. 7th
Have our multiplication Quiz and Spelling Test Friday, Feb. 8th
Have our Grammar Quiz Wednesday, Feb. 6th
Have a late start (9:35 am) Wednesday, Feb. 6th
Due to the snow days, the cafeteria will be changing the lunch menu for the next several days. 
Monday, February 4th:
First choice will be bosco sticks
Second choice will be a grilled cheese sandwich
Tuesday, February 5th:
First choice will be fish tacos
Second choice will be a grilled cheese sandwich
Wednesday, February 6th:
First choice will be cheesy garlic flatbread
Second choice will be a grilled cheese sandwich
The Student Council Pencil Sale will start Monday. Each grade has been assigned a day to purchase pencils. The weekly schedule is as follows:
Monday – 5th grade
Tuesday – 4th grade
Wednesday -3rd grade
Thursday – 1st grade
Friday – 2nd grade.
The sale will take place at the table in the hall outside the cafeteria wall (near the “green school” bulletin board). Right after the pledge a senator will come to your door (on your assigned day) and let you know it is your turn to purchase pencils, erasers, or pencil grips – everything is $.25. Each student has a spending limit of $1.00 to ensure we have enough for everyone
Please make sure your child comes dressed for the weather next week, as we will resume our OUTDOOR recesses.  At minimum they need winter coats, hats, gloves and boots.  Thank you!

Finally,  I would like to thank our room moms, Mrs. Eberwein and Mrs. Swider for their hard work, giving the kids a FABULOUS birthday bash!  Pictures are attached 🙂

Week Of January 28th

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Mother Nature has really been messing with my lesson plans!  😮  That being said, we are trying to get back on track and catch up from our snow days, but I fear we will have a few cold days as well if the wind chills hold true to what is being forecasted.

We will do the best we can!

I am sending home report cards today.  They did not go home Friday because I was out. I am also sending the past 4 weeks worth of multiplication quizzes.  Attached to the quizzes you will find a blue note that tells you whether or not your child is progressing adequately or if he/she needs a lot more at home practice.

If your child needs practice, I suggest flash cards each night along with Xtramath. This Module of Eureka Math again focuses on multiplication and division, so learning those facts are so important!  I have attached the links for Xtramath as well as a few tips from Eureka Math for learning the 6’s and 7’s.




The last round of NWEA testing is taking place this week.  I will send home scores once all of the students have completed testing.

There will NOT be a spelling test this Friday.  The children got the new list today, but I plan on using the same list next week and giving the test next Friday.

Stay warm!  I will send another post later this week 🙂

Week Of January 21st

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Hello 🙂

This will be a short week coming up so I will have to juggle a few things and make some accommodations for NWEA testing.  Therefore, we will NOT have a spelling list this week.  We WILL have a multiplication quiz on Thursday (instead of Friday)  Our next NWEA test is Wednesday, January 30th.  This will be the language test and it will be the last test.  I do, however, have some kids that need to finish the reading and math test.  They will do that this week.

I told the kids the only homework they have over this long weekend is to continue to practice multiplication problems. We shaded all of the multiplication problems they know JUST BY KNOWING UP TO THEIR 5’s.  They realized this really only leaves 16 multiplication problems to learn!!  I have attached a picture of how we figured this out.  The yellow area is the problems they need to practice in order to master all the facts through their 10’s.

Multiplication to learn           Please help your child practice these facts.  Thank you!

I also sent the Module 2 Math test home today.  Many kids did very well on this test, but some really struggled.  Reading the problem carefully would have corrected some of the errors.  Even though we hilighted the questions together, these kids skipped steps, didn’t include a unit, or calculated incorrectly.  Therefore, I am giving students with scores of a 4 a chance to retake a different version of the test on Tuesday morning. I must give it this day or the correction won’t make it onto the report card.  If you would like your child to retake the test, please jot a note in the planner.

We have a new student in our class.  Her name is Rihanna Chamas.  She comes to us from Dubai!  We are excited to have her at Howard.

This Friday (Jan. 25th) is our Birthday Bash. We will celebrate all class birthdays on this day 🙂  I will give you more information later this week.

Have a great snowy weekend!  Remember that Monday, January 21st is MLK Day and no school, Tuesday, January 22nd is a HALF DAY OF SCHOOL.

Week of January 14th

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Wow what a whirlwind of a week!  It’s hard to get out of vacation mode and back into school mode but the kids and I survived 🙂  Actually, they did a great job getting right back to it!

Please note that we have begun NWEA testing.  Your child took the science assessment this week.  READING AND MATH are next week.  These are the 2 most important tests.  Language will take place the week of the 21st.

We instituted a new traffic program (as you all know) and the kids are getting used to where to go and how to line up.  Next Tuesday, bus pick up and drop off will be a little different.  If your child regularly rides the bus, they were given a green note today.  If you have any questions or are unclear about anything related to our new traffic program, please check the Howard School blog.

We celebrated our PBIS all green students and etiquette and cleanliness awards (for the lunchroom), as well as honored our students of the month. Our classroom “all green” students were:

Sarah, Naveen, Hassen, Mohamed, Jonah, Maya, Julia, Tristian, Lily, Celine, Jake, Talia and Dede

Our December Student’s of the Month are:

Julia Farhat and Tristian Lahay 🙂  Congratulations to both of them!

Here are some things to note for this week:

Monday:  Math Module 2 Assessment (Reviews are in your child’s take home folders)

Wednesday:  NWEA Reading Test

Friday:  NO Multiplication Quiz this week  (but please continue to practice multiplication tables at home with your child), Spelling Test, NWEA MATH ASSESSMENT and a half day of school

Little Caesar’s Pizza Kit fundraisers went home with your child today as well.


December 21st-January 6th

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I hope you are all having a restful, enjoyable holiday break!  I wanted to share some pictures from our last week of school.  I will post again when school starts up to update you on our first week back 🙂  I’m SO PROUD of Julia Farhat for donating her hair to Locks Of Love.  What a beautiful thing to do Julia! I also want to thank all of the moms who came and helped out at our pancake breakfast.  You are amazing and I am so fortunate.

Mrs. Claus reads the Polar Express and we enjoy hot cocoa!

Derek shares his Gingerbread house creation with our class 🙂

Julia donates her hair to Locks Of Love <3

Our class in their Pjs