Locker Item Pick Up Information: TUESDAY, JUNE 2nd (This will be the ONLY pickup day)

Please follow the below directions for the safety of teachers, students, and parents

1.     On the day of pick up, NO students or parents will be allowed in the building. Do NOT get out of your car.

2.     Cars must ENTER through the Warren gate and pull up to door #20 so that your car faces Ann Arbor Trail.

3.     Please tell the teacher on the sidewalk the student you are picking up for.

4.     Have your trunk open, so that teachers have no contact as we deliver your belongings.

5.     Students will return instruments and library books (AKA Ms. Fryzel’s books) that day.

6.     6th and 7th graders can keep instruments over the summer.


10:00 -11:00           6th Graders

11:00 – 12:00          7th Graders

12:00 – 1:00           8th Graders

1:00 – 1:30             Last Chance

THE SHOEBOX CHALLENGE Got an empty shoebox lying around your house? What’s the most creative thing you can make out of it? This week we want to challenge everyone to see who can come up with the best ideas. You can turn it into a mini skate park, or your own mini wave pool. Maybe you want to make a little robot, a creature from outer space, or a DIY guitar? Whatever your idea, we want to see it. We will be featuring all of our favorites here on this site + we may surprise a few people who submit with free Vans Custom Codes to design their own pair, on us.

Middle School Art this week we are working with realism, abstract and nonobjective

This art project includes aspects of 3 major styles of art.

Realism – art that depicts objects/people in a realistic way.
Abstract – art that depicts objects/people in a semi-form creation
Non-Objective – art that does not depict any form, just design and expression.

Middle = Realism
Left = Abstract
Right = Non-Objective.

The images included are examples of the work you can do… however you can choose any realistic image you would like. The key is to focus on each of the 3 types of styles.


This week we have Earth Day, I would like you to create an image on how you would make the Earth better. What can you create to improve life, or protect some aspect of the Earth.

April is National Poetry Month:

Find a poem that you are drawn to, think about the words and the flow of the poem. what is the deeper meaning behind the poem? Think about what kind of imagery the poem creates, design an image that relates to the poem. Please include the poem with this weeks design.

Sketchbook is due by Friday the 17th please attach in classroom.

I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe

I want to challenge each student to step outside their comfort zone, if you like to draw in the cartoon or comic book style focus on using those skills to create in more realistic formats if you like doing animals or floral images work on something non-living or man-made. if you only work in black and white, dive into color.

This week I would like my students to take a tool, device, instrument you use every day.. now imagine its 200 years in the future how would that object look.. how would it get power or would it change in a drastic way? look at how the phone has evolved over the years… or computers…