Middle School Art this week we are working with realism, abstract and nonobjective

This art project includes aspects of 3 major styles of art.

Realism – art that depicts objects/people in a realistic way.
Abstract – art that depicts objects/people in a semi-form creation
Non-Objective – art that does not depict any form, just design and expression.

Middle = Realism
Left = Abstract
Right = Non-Objective.

The images included are examples of the work you can do… however you can choose any realistic image you would like. The key is to focus on each of the 3 types of styles.


This week we have Earth Day, I would like you to create an image on how you would make the Earth better. What can you create to improve life, or protect some aspect of the Earth.


I have been an artist for over 25 years, my main focus has been in illustration and comic art style. I have been teaching for 5 years, I have my degrees from Wayne State University both in BFA( Bachelor of Fine and Preforming Arts, and a MAT( Masters of Art and Teaching) . I believe that art can close the gap in communication where words can't be spoken art takes over. The success and exploration art allows students to achieve breeds confidence and joy that will carry over to other aspects in life.

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