Sensory Bags

The children had a great time making their very own sensory bags. We used them to write letters, shapes, and numbers! All we needed where: sandwich bags, clear hair gel, a few drops of food coloring, and glitter.They helped each other squeeze the gel into the bags, added food coloring, and then the glitter. We double sealed the bags by using book tape around the top. The children were developing their fine motor skills, language, and social skills. This website has many ideas for sensory bags that you can make at home with your child,


During small group time on Thursday, we explored pumpkins! We used our five senses to describe the appearance, texture (inside and out), smell, taste (seeds), and we counted the number of ribs! After cleaning out the pulp, we counted the number of seeds. We washed them, and put salt on them. Mrs. Dughlas, the cafeteria manager, roasted them in the oven for us. We then enjoyed the pumpkins seeds for snack time, and had leftovers to take home!

Going on a Book Hunt!


We went on a Book Hunt! Every other Monday, we go upstairs to the Media Center (library) to check out books. We went upstairs to the William Ford Library. Mrs. Makled, the media secretary, greeted and introduced the students to the media center/library. Mrs. Abdallah and I showed the children how to check out books in the library.  We also practiced how to safely walk up and down the stairs.   The students are keeping the books in their reading bags to read during Daily 5 time.

Students walking up the many stairs to the media center!
Students selcting books to check out.
Checking out books with Mrs. Makled.
Reading our books on the big, comfy couch!

October Parent Meeting

Thank you to everyone who attended the parent meeting on Thursday, October 17. I hope that you enjoyed the opportunity to observe your child using their fine motor skills. Everyone who signed up for parent conferences will receive their notes tomorrow. There are a few more parents who need to sign up.

Mixing ingredients to make play dough
Students using their fine motor skills to make play dough
Students mixing ingredients to make play dough.
Students practicing their cutting skills.