Green Eggs and Jam!!

Thank you to all the moms who attended the March is Reading Month (MIRM) Celebration of Green Eggs and Jam!! Unfortunately the children, unlike Sam-I-Am, enjoyed the green eggs after tasting them. It may have been the color.

A big THANK YOU to the cafeteria staff, especially Mrs. Dughlas, for helping us.

Congratulations to all the awesome readers for all the books they read. Hussein, Naji, and Rahaf read a combined 122 books!!


THANK YOU Guest Readers!!

Thank you to all the parents (Talal’s mom, and Hussein’s mom who read to us twice), teachers (Mrs. Scannell and Mrs. Janoskey), Assistant AP (Wiliam Lambdin), siblings (Maya Haidar, Ali Almawri, Haidar Abed, Nour Elromh, Majid Firdos, Dalih Alamary), cousins (Gehan Jhasar) neighbors (Hussein Dib), and former students(Adam Aldhulaimi, Aya Zein, Jad Abdulrahim, Lujain Alrawashdeh, and Hana Shoman) new friends (Mekkah Mohamed, Nasreen Alriashi), and four members of the Fordson Tractors football team (Mahmoud Kattan, Ali Jaber, Adam Allie, and Ali Alramoon) who came to read to our class! .

We also read with the 2 fifth grades, Mrs. Luckow’s and Mr. Bazzy’s classes.


We are in the middle of MIRM (March is Reading Month). Please remember that your child should be filing out the book slips. So far, Hussein is in the lead with 23 books read.

THANK YOU to our guest readers!! Mrs. Elromh (Hussein’s mom), Mrs. Haidar (Talal’s mom), and Officer Saleh have read to our class. We’re still waiting on the rest of you!!



After reading to our class, Officer Saleh should the children his squad car, and turned on the lights and siren for us!!

Please remember that Thursday is a 1/2 day with dismissal at 11:30. We will continue with Parent Conferences in the afternoon.

Thursday is also wear a button shirt/blouse to school. We’ll be having some some fun with Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons. 

Image result for pete the cat

Small Groups in Action!!

Making 2D shapes with pipe cleaners. The children discussed the attributes of shapes as they made them using pipe cleaners.

Letter/Number Sort: Students were given baskets of foam letters and numbers and had to sort them first and then glue them correctly on their chart.

We Went on a Letter Hunt: We went on a letter hunt in the hallways of William Ford. Students had to identify the letters they found.

Sensory Bags: Another way of writing is to use sensory bags. The students had a blast making them.

Goldfish Alphabet: We used gold fish crackers to make uppercase letters. We also compared whether some letters needed more or less crackers.

Play dough Letters: using playdough to form letters, shapes, and numbers is always fun!!

Counting Rope: Students made their very own counting ropes. It was a great fine motor  skill exercise, as well as counting, and making patterns.  Just look at them concentrating and focusing all their attention as they laced the cord into the beads.

Outdoor Adventure Center

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our field trip to the DNR Outdoor Adventure Center!! The kids were so excited about their first bus trip.

Of course we had to take a group picture once we arrived!!

The first thing we did, was go kayaking and fishing.

Some of us tried the ATVs and the DNR plane.

Other highlights included:

Thank you to all the moms who stayed and had lunch with us.




Sledding Fun

We finally had a decent snowfall to have some sledding fun! Thank you to everyone who remembered their snow pants, snow boots, snow gloves/mittens, hats, and scarves. They had a blast sledding down the “mountain.”

Then we decided to have some hot cocoa to warm up! Talal was the helper of the day, and assisted in making the cocoa.  The children tasted the marshmallows, then decided to either put them in their coca or just snack on them.

We brought back some snow on the sled and watched it melt.  The children understood that the snow melted because the room was much warmer than the weather outside. It took about 1/2 an hour. Some wondered how long it would take to turn back into ice. Possibly, our next experiment!!

Small Groups, Reading to Someone, and Literacy PM

Some small group action this past week:

Magnet Magic – Children were given a basket of materials, predicted what they thought would be magnetic, then  experimented,  and classified the objects as magnetic or non-magnetic and finally, drew conclusions as to why they were considered magnetic.  They had a fun time trying to “force” the wands to attract each other when they were actually repelling.

Spell My Name – students  looked for all the letters in their names, and then placed them in the correct order on their trays. Some had an easier time than others, but eventually, everyone spelled their names.

Bookmarks – students didn’t like the idea of having to stop reading before they finished reading their books. So we brainstormed, and decided that we needed a bookmark to help us find our last spot in the book.  The children made 2 bookmarks: one to keep in their reading bag, and one to keep in their book bin.

Reading to Someone – students have been practicing reading to someone which is one of the components of Daily Five.  They’ve been practicing how to sit EEKK, and compromise as to who reads first and which books to read together.

Literacy Parent Meeting – Thank you to all the parents who came to the Literacy Parent Meeting. I hope you are enjoying the literacy games to play with your child at home. The next meeting is Thursday, February 15, 2018, in the William Ford library. PLEASE remember that the parent meetings are mandatory.

Our first field trip!

Our first field trip will be to the Henry Ford Centennial Library on Tuesday, December 5.  The library is located at 16301 Michigan Avenue. We do not have a bus, so you will drive your child to the library and remain with them during the trip. We will meet at the library at 9:30 a.m. That’s when the doors open.  Mrs. Herman and I will take the children into a room for some fun reading activities. You will go on a  library tour with a guide and Mrs. Abdallah so that you can become  familiar with all aspects of the library. Please bring your driver’s license or state identification card so that your child can get  their very own library card! 

After the tour, please bring the children back to school. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us!!

The Zipper Club

Congratulations to the students below who are able to zip up their coats independently!! They are able to put on all their winter clothing before recess and help others.  Please work with your child to continue putting on their winter clothing.  It may take time, but they will learn how and will eventually do it quickly on their own.  Look at all the smiling faces who are proud of their accomplishment.

PLEASE make sure your child is dressed for the cold weather. they need a hat, gloves/mittens, and a scarf.   Soon, they will need snow pants, snow boots, and waterproof gloves/mittens.   We will continue to go outside when the temperature is above 20*