Our first field trip!

Our first field trip will be to the Henry Ford Centennial Library on Tuesday, December 5.  The library is located at 16301 Michigan Avenue. We do not have a bus, so you will drive your child to the library and remain with them during the trip. We will meet at the library at 9:30 a.m. That’s when the doors open.  Mrs. Herman and I will take the children into a room for some fun reading activities. You will go on a  library tour with a guide and Mrs. Abdallah so that you can become  familiar with all aspects of the library. Please bring your driver’s license or state identification card so that your child can get  their very own library card! 

After the tour, please bring the children back to school. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us!!

The Zipper Club

Congratulations to the students below who are able to zip up their coats independently!! They are able to put on all their winter clothing before recess and help others.  Please work with your child to continue putting on their winter clothing.  It may take time, but they will learn how and will eventually do it quickly on their own.  Look at all the smiling faces who are proud of their accomplishment.

PLEASE make sure your child is dressed for the cold weather. they need a hat, gloves/mittens, and a scarf.   Soon, they will need snow pants, snow boots, and waterproof gloves/mittens.   We will continue to go outside when the temperature is above 20*

Meet Mat Man

During small group, students were introduced to Mat Man.  Mat Man is from the Handwriting Without Tears approach that teaches students body awareness, drawing and pre-writing skills, counting, socializing and sharing.  The children listened to the song,drew Mat Man, and then worked with a partner to create him. There were many interesting conversations as the children were problem solving, building relationships with each other,  and compromising while listening to each other to create Mat Man.

Yeah, TEAMWORK!!!     



Meet The Critter Guy!

Today we had a special visitor/visitors in our room. Paul McCormack, also known as the Critter Guy came to our class along with some of his critters! Some of the children were a little apprehensive at first but then become comfortable with just petting the animals while others went beyond.

Meet Woody, the tree frog

Mr. and Mrs. Dove, Sqwab and Sqwib

Oreo, the mouse.

Cookie, the starfish. 


Cotton, the chinchilla was the favorite!

Pretzel, the Albino corn snake scared some of the children, but then they really warmed up to him!




THANK YOU Parents!

THANK YOU to everyone who attended the October  parent meeting and those who stayed and walked with us in the Walk-A-Thon.


A little sprinkle didn’t dampen our spirits! we had so much fun walking the track with the kindergartners and first graders.


We went back to our room to enjoy breakfast and the snacks from the PTA. 

October Parent Meeting

Thank you to all the parents who attended the parent meeting and were active participants! We are so happy that you understand the importance of routines and fine motor skills.  Remember, you can always approach Mrs. Abdallah and I with any questions or concerns.

Going on a Book Hunt!

We went on a book hunt looking for books!! We went upstairs to the William Ford Library. Mrs. Abdallah and I showed the children how to check out books in the library.  We also practiced how to safely walk up and down the stairs.  The children will be bringing home the books after we show them how to take care of them.  Your child and you will also be signing a contract that promises to take care of the books when they come home, and bring them back to school safely.

Upon our return to the classroom, the children placed the books in their book bins to read during Daily 5.

Year Round Survey

Hello Parents,

This survey consists of two questions to collect parent feedback on the possibility to pilot year-round school concept in one or two elementary schools. One of the arguments for year-round schooling is that children will have better knowledge retention versus having too much of a mental break in the summer. School calendar would be extended to include additional four weeks in the summer. Please click on the link to share your feedback: https://goo.gl/forms/vtnCmpKQYcd6Q4jK2
يتألف هذا الاستقصاء من سؤالين لجمع آراء أولياء الامور بشأن إمكانية تجريب مفهوم المدرسة على مدار السنة في عدد صغير من المدارس الابتدائية. إحدى فوائد التعليم المدرسي على مدار السنة هي أن الطلاب يحافظون على متابعة التحصيل العلمي خلال الصيف. إذا قمنا بتنفيذ هذه
الخطة سيتم تمديد التقويم المدرسي ليشمل أربعة أسابيع إضافية في الصيف
   :يرجى النقر على الرابط لإكمال سؤالين حول مفهوم المدرسة على مدار السنة

October Parent Meeting

I would like to remind you that our next Parent Meeting will be on Thursday, October 19th, from 8:45-9:45 a.m. Mrs. Abdallah and I will answer individual concerns after the meeting. We will address bedtime routines and fine motor skills.  You will also have the opportunity to sign up for parent conferences in November, so please bring the times of your other children’s conferences.

Our conferences are scheduled for: 

Thursday, November 9, afternoon and evening conferences. (students will have 1/2 day)

Wednesday, November 15th are evening conferences, starting at 3:45 p.m.

Thursday, November 16th are afternoon and evening conferences. (Students will not have school on this day).

Image result for image of class parent meeting

Meet George!

Meet George, our classroom Betta fish!  We just couldn’t keep calling him Fish. The first step was to brainstorm a few names. The children first voted on either Lulu, Henry, George, Bob, or Joe.  Through the first voting process, Lulu and Henry received the most votes. The students who had voted for George, Bob, or Joe had to decide between Lulu or Henry.  Henry won by a margin of 7 to 8.  The children participated in the community of the classroom,made a classroom decision built relationships with each other, resolved some conflicts, expressed themselves using language, recognized and used number words, as well as counted votes!