Small Group Time!!

Caterpillar Stories – we used orange circles and red triangles to tell caterpillar stories and learning about patterning.  Students created their own patterns and stories.

Brushing Our Teeth – This is the way we brush our teeth, brush our teeth, brush our teeth. This is the way we brush our teeth early in the morning. This is the way we brush our teeth, brush our teeth, brush our teeth. This is the way we brush our teeth later in the evening.  Students sang this song as they practiced “brushing their teeth” in a circular motion, covering their whole tooth with white paint (tooth paste).

Number Posters – Students made their own number posters using stickers. First they counted to ten,and cut out the numbers and glued them on their posters. Then, they counted the number of stickers that corresponded with the number word.  Lastly, they concluded that counting forward, each number was one more than the previous one, and counting backwards, each number was one less!!

How Tall is My Teacher? – We measured my height using a non-standard measuring tool, shoes.  We used three different sizes which gave us a different number.  After a lengthy 🙂 discussion, the students realized that (1)the larger the shoe, the smaller the number, and (2)the larger the shoe, the smaller the measurement!!

Tooth brush mural – Students used toothbrushes and only one cup of paint to create a mural.  They had to agree upon a theme, and use their “little people skills” to share the paint.

Paper bag Puppets – Students created their own puppets using paper bags and any art area materials.  They came up with some really  interesting puppets that they used to retell stories with.

Making Jello – Another fun small group was making jello. Students sliced strawberries and bananas, then mixed and poured jello into their cups.  We refrigerated them overnight, and had a nice afternoon snack the next day.

Michigan Science Center Trip

THANK YOU to all the parents who were able to chaperone!! We always have fun riding the bus!!

Then, the real fun started once we got to the museum.  There were many hands-on explorations/experiments with light, sound, heat, construction, and KidsTown. The IMAX theater was incredible!!



Our next trip will be to the Detroit Zoo on Wednesday, May 24. Parents will be required to attend with their child.

Parent Conferences

Just a quick reminder about tomorrow’s parent conferences. PLEASE arrive at your scheduled time. 

8:40   Hussein Ismail

9:05   Ahmed Ali

9:30   Aisha Kerek

9:55   Mariam Bazzi

10:20   Lujain Alrawashdeh

10:45   Maysa Almaweri

11:10   Sofwan Saleh

11:35   Mohammad Alzidan

12:35   Aya Zein

1:00   Abdurab Odeif

1:25   Maryam Ahmed

1:50   Adam Alfakih



Mat Man and Wild Things!

During small group, students were introduced to Mat Man.  Mat Man is from the Handwriting Without Tears approach that teaches students body awareness, drawing and pre-writing skills, counting, socializing and sharing.  The children listened to the song,drew Mat Man, and then worked with a partner to create him. There were many interesting conversations as the children were problem solving, building relationships with each other,  and compromising while listening to each other to create Mat Man.


Wild Thing

After listening to Where the Wild Things Are, the children decided to create their own wild things.  They used their fine motor skills to sculpt and their imagination to express and represent their thoughts.  Everyone shared their wild thing with the group. Some were nice while others were just as mean as the wild things on the island.


Health Exploration Field Trip

Thank you to everyone who attended the Health Exploration Field Trip to Saint Joseph Mercy in Canton. The children really enjoy riding the bus!

We then went into the basement of the health center, and learned about nutrition, exercise, our body with the help of Stuffie, proper hand washing, brushing our teeth and the importance of SLEEP!


Finally, we explored the health center with our parents.



MIRM stands for March Is Reading Month.  Every month and every day is important for reading, but all across the United States,March has been designated as reading month.  As you may have already noticed, on the monthly calendar, there are many activities for you to do with your child to celebrate.  We would also love to have parents, older siblings, and even grandparents come and read to our class!! Please let Mrs. Abdallah and I know what date and time works for you.

We kicked off the month by celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday and Read Across America day.  After reading The Cat in The Hat, we made our own patterned hats to wear!

**Yes, the camera has been fixed and the memory card wan’t damaged, so . . .  you’ll be getting many posts this week!!

Fun in the Snow!!

We were so happy to see the snow!! The snow became our canvas as we painted pictures, wrote letters and numbers, and made shapes.  After painting, we had a lot of fun running and skipping.

Unfortunately, students without snow boots, snow pants, or water-proof winter gloves or mittens weren’t able to participate completely.

Just A Few Notes.

Colder Weather: The weather will be turning colder this week, so PLEASE make sure that your child has gloves, a hat, scarf, and boots.  Many children didn’t have gloves last week, and we do go out twice a day. Remember to bring gym shoes to wear inside the building. 

February Field Trip: We will be going on a field trip on Tuesday, February 14th, and each parent is required to attend with their child. Mark your calendars!!

Arrival and Dismissal Times:  School starts at 8:40 and ends at 3:20. PLEASE be on time.  When your child was accepted into the program, everyone was informed of the times, and mandatory parent meetings.