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Summer Activity Choice Boards

Here are some great summer activity Choice Boards. If you can print them you can cross them off as you complete the activities. If you can’t print them, that’s okay, just come back to check the blog when you are looking for something to do and use these ideas. The focus is literacy, math, art and gross motor (moving your body). Have fun with these!


We will be stopping by tomorrow

Good Evening,

I just wanted to give you all a heads up that Ms. Jaafar and I will be driving to houses tomorrow to drop off some of your students work. We look forward to seeing you all. We will not be coming into houses of course but we would love to give you a smile and a wave. This will be tomorrow, Tuesday June 9th. Sometime between 10:30 and 12:30. I can give you a better idea tomorrow on Class Dojo when I am in Dearborn.

Hope to see you all soon!

Pick-up and Drop-off Info for Older Students at McDonald

Students First: Inspire- Educate- Celebrate لاوأ بلاطلا: لفتحإ ،ملع،مهلإ 

Welcome to McDonald Elementary School 

Parent pick-up of their children’s belongings and dropping off school property- 

June 9, 10, & 11, 2020, anytime between 10:00 a.m. & 2:00 p.m. 

Dear Parents/Guardians, 

You have three more days to pick up your child’s or children’s belongings, June 9, June 10, and June 11, 2020 anytime between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Please bring with you all of the books that belong to school–library books, classroom books or books they borrowed from other teachers. Fifth graders will also need to return their musical instruments. 

Thank you for your continuous support and cooperation. Take care. 

With Respect, 

Dr. Moughni, Principal 

Last Week

Wow! I can’t believe this is Dearborn Public Schools last week. If we were in school, PreK would have ended on Tuesday this week. I will miss all of your smiling faces. It is hard to end the school year this way but it was for everyone’s health and safety. I know everyone’s household has been affected in a different way. I just hope that everyone has stayed healthy. As promised I will be posting some summer activity ideas. Here is a calendar for June in English and in Arabic. July and August will schedule to post in July and August. Each day has an activity to do. Ideally you could print them off and hang them somewhere to see each day as a reminder to complete the activity of the day. I will be posting a few more ideas as well.

English Version

Arabic Version

Have fun and have a great start to the summer!

Parent Survey for Next School Year – Your Thoughts

Dear Parents, Please take a minute to fill out this survey put out by the district. It is asking for your thoughts on starting the school year “in school” next year. They want YOUR thoughts on this. Please, please, it’s only about your thoughts on how school will begin next year. Click below to get to the survey…

Thanks for you time on this.

Student Meals through the Summer

Dearborn Public Schools is offering free meals for the students through the summer! You pick up on Wednesday and they will give you 7 breakfasts and 7 lunches for the week. This is such a great resource. Please use it if it is helpful to you and your children.

Dearborn will continue offering free student meals over summer

Free student meal distributions will continue throughout the summer at seven Dearborn Public School sites.

The district has been distributing the free grab-and-go meals since shortly after the Governor ordered schools to close in March.  That program is slated to end on June 10, which is scheduled to be the last full day of school in the District.

However, Dearborn Schools received permission to continue serving free meals through the summer under the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Summer Food Service Program.

The summer meal distribution will be once a week on Wednesdays starting June 17. Food will be handed out every Wednesday from 10 a.m. to noon at the seven locations.  Each bag will contain seven breakfasts and seven lunches for each child under the age of 18.  Each child will also get a half gallon of milk.

The distribution locations will continue to be Fordson, Dearborn and Edsel Ford high schools, Woodworth and Smith middle schools, Salina Intermediate, and McCollough/Unis School.

One person can pick up food for any child living in the home.  The child does not need to attend that school. 

The District has recently been providing 65,000 grab-and-go meals a week for children in the community.  Those meals, which include lunch and breakfast, are funded through the U.S.D.A. School Lunch Program. Dearborn used that program to offer free lunch and breakfast to all its kindergarten through 12th grade students before the school closure in March. 

“We know our families appreciate the student meal distributions, and we are glad to be able to continue to offer children these meals during the summer months,” said Food Service Director Jeff Murphy.

It’s Time for a Friday Field Trip!

Today we are going to the Seattle Aquarium! We are going to see what’s living in the water at the aquarium. We will also see a scuba diver who goes into the aquarium to check on and feed the animals. Scuba divers have to wear special equipment when they go in the water. We can’t breathe when we go under water, we have to hold our breath. Scuba divers wear a special mask and oxygen tank to help them breathe and that allows them to stay under water longer. Draw a picture of your favorite animal when you are done watching.

Have a great weekend!

Activities for June 4th

Wow, it’s almost the end of the school year and this will be my last regular post. I will be posting ideas for summer activities on Monday and I will be delivering items next week on Monday or Tuesday. I will let you know soon.

Letter of the Week

Our letter this week is Rr. It makes the ruh sound and we write R with a big line, little curve, little line.

When you are outside today look for items that start with the letter R. Also check out signs in your neighborhood. See if there are any signs that have r’s on them.


You are going to use some junk mail for this activity. Use a pencil, crayon or marker and look through the mail for numbers. When you find numbers circle them! Once you have found the numbers carefully use scissors and cut them out. Want a challenge? Draw a picture to match the number. Ex. 5 = XXXXX   3 = 000

Work Time

Turn off those screens and play with some toys, color, paint… anything you can think of!

Planning Time (5 minutes): Build your child’s ability to organize their time by having them make a “plan” with you about what they would like to play with.  Children do this everyday with us at school. It helps children learn to organize their thoughts. Adults make plans all the time to organize their thoughts (shopping lists are made before going to the grocery store, to do lists are made to help plan your day etc..).  

Work Time (45-60 minutes): During work time kids play WITHOUT ELECTRONICS.  Kids can use toys to pretend play, build, and create.

Clean Up (about 15 minutes):  Kids clean up the mess they have made while playing.

Recall Time (5 minutes): Build your child’s memory of events by having your child tell you what they did while they played (ask “tell me how you did that” or “what did you do next?”)

Story Time

Today we are going to listen to a different story. This is a silly story that has to do with weather. The title is Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Click on the link to check it out.

Draw and write about a silly kind of weather that you imagine! Will it rain tacos? Will it snow marshmallows? Be creative! If you have paper and want to make it more crafty go ahead! Send me a picture when you finish! 


Here is a song for while you are inside…

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!!