Lunch in the Lunchroom

Hello Parents

The boys and girls have started going upstairs to the cafeteria for lunch. It has been very exciting for them. We started on Monday and we are showing them how to get the utensils, their tray and move down the line to choose a fruit and a vegetable.

So, if your child is coming home and saying they ate lunch in the cafeteria….they really did!


Mrs. Lott & Ms. Jaafar

Firefighter Visit

The Firefighters Came to Us

Today we had a visit from the firefighters. They brought their fire truck and ambulance and turned on their lights and sirens. They also had a fire safety talk.

If you do not have a meeting place for your family in case of a fire please talk to your child and we use on a meeting place outside. Also check your smoke detectors. If you do not have one you can get a free smoke detector from the fire station!

Home Visits

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for joining your child for our Filed Trip to the Zoo. It was a lot of walking and it was a warm day but I think everyone had a good time. I do love the zoo and seeing all of the animals.

Thank you also, for bringing your child to school with their bike for our Trike A Thon. That was another beautiful day and it was so much fun teaching the kids about bike safety and then seeing them ride their bikes with big smiles.

As you know we have Home Visits scheduled for next week. The kids do not have school again until May 14th. We will be visiting everyone’s house’s to wrap up our school year.

We will see you soon!

-Mrs. Lott & Ms. Jaafar

Kindergarten Roundup

Good Morning Parents!

Today is Kindergarten Roundup for McDonald Elementary. Please plan on staying after dropping off your child. You will meet in the auditorium at 8:45 this morning.

Also, tomorrow is a Parent Meeting so please plan on staying with your child tomorrow for some fun gross motor activities!

Thank you and see you soon 🙂

Mrs. Lott and Ms. Jaafar

Pajama Day

Good afternoon parents 🙂

Today was picture day and your child took a Spring picture if you placed a picture order.

Tomorrow will be pajama day! If your child would like to come to school in their pajamas, tomorrow is the day! Please send them in their regular shoes as we eat in the classroom and their are food and milk spills. We don’t want slippers to come home dirty. Tennis shoes are perfect.


Mrs. Lott & Ms. Jaafar

Upcoming Events

Good Evening Parents,

Wow, I can’t believe it’s March already! Please make sure you check the weather report so that you can have your child come to school prepared for the weather for our outside time. We have 30 degree weather and 60 degree weather last week.

On Wednesday we will have a field trip to the Henry Ford Centennial Library. The kids will come at the normal time and then please pick your child up by 11:45 and we will all meet at the library.

We will also be having Conferences later this month so please watch for a sign-up sheet next week some time.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and we will see you on Monday!

Mrs. Lott & Ms. Jaafar

Parent Meeting

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for joining us at our Parent Meeting this morning. I could tell the kids had so much fun working along-side their moms/dad’s. We do the calendar everyday at school so the kids know the months and this is a great tool for practicing at home. Here are a few pictures…

Parent Fair at Cotter 

Good Evening Parents…

Just a reminder that tomorrow is not a regular day of school.  We will not have class at McDonald, we will be at Cotter School.  Please come from 1:45 until 3:00 to participate in some fun and exciting activities!  We will see you there 🙂


Mrs. Lott & Ms. Jaafar

Possible PreK Classes Opening in Dearborn

Attention: Families with Preschool age children who are 4 years of age by December 1, 2017.  There is an immediate possibility of free full day preschool beginning in January 2018 in the Dearborn Public Schools (next month). The family must be eligible based on risk factors and not currently enrolled in a GSRP program.  If interested, families may pick up an application at the Cotter Early Childhood Center, 13020 Osborn or call Nadia Berry at 313-827-6150.
Please respond immediately as slots are limited.
Families must live in the city of Dearborn.
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