Science project materials needed. Reminders.

Next week we are doing a physical model of the Earth’s Surface Features by¬† making a model from play dough.

I will mix and knead the dough mixture, but it is helpful if the flour and salt are already measured. ūüôā

I would like 15  zip-locked bags with a mixture of dry 3/4 cup of flour and 1/4 cup of salt.  If you volunteer, please send in by Wednesday, Feb. 20th.

If you would like to volunteer to send in a bag please let me know by email, so that I can confirm that I have received your message and I will add your name to the blog.

Thanks in advance for sending in the flour and salt mixtures. ūüôā

Volunteers sending in bags of 3/4 cup of flour and 1/4 cup of salt.

!. Jacob

2. Carraig

3. Carraig

4. Carraig

5. Carraig

6. Carraig

7. Enna

8.  Enna

9. Enna

10. Natalia







  1.  Reading log is due Tuesday.
  2.  Spelling Week 21 test is on Tuesday.
  3.  Math Lesson 24 due  and Sprints from today.

Enjoy the long weekend!

Valentine’s Day Thank yous and Reminders

Lots of special thanks to our homeroom mom Danielle for making the Valentine Exchange a success. She provided and made a Valentine bag for each student and made the exchange festive with awesome cookies and water bottles as well as a bookmark to decorate for “mom” and Valentine tablecloths.¬† Special thanks to ” Uncle Trav” (Dom’s Uncle) for helping out too!

Thanks to all the students for the terrific Valentines!


  1.  Spelling Week 21 is on Spelling City.  Due to the shortened week, the test will be on Tuesday, Feb. 19.
  2.  Reading Log:  Due to the snow day on Tuesday, we will continue with the same reading log until Feb. 19.  You may change the date due.
  3. Math Lesson 24 homework sent home today.  Students are using place value disks to unbundle tens and hundreds.  You may use other items at home for the disks, such as different colored beads.

I will be at a District meeting in the morning, and then back at Lindbergh in the afternoon for professional development.

Thanks for your ongoing support!

Spelling, Math, Reading, Spirit Wear

The Spelling 20 list is on Spelling CIty. The test will be on Monday.

Students are bringing home Lesson 22 for Math today and it is due on Monday. I will put the video on the blog.

Please read 20 minutes daily.¬† The reading log is due on Tuesday.¬† Don’t forget to use Raz Kids.

Spirit Wear information went home and orders are due on Feb.11.

Thanks for your ongoing support!¬† ūüôā