Math homework, prepdog and reminders

Today your child has Sprint pages to practice basic facts for math homework.  Please return tomorrow.

The NWEA tests will be the mornings of January 22 and 28.  Please do not make appointments if possible on those dates.

We have been using 2nd grade for practice for NWEA.  Please have your child do it at home too.  It is free.   GO to second grade, then your child may practice a math, reading, or language test.  The test will score it when it is done.


  1.  Bring in science guide, book, water uses, reading log, or snowflake if needed.
  2. Gym shoes tomorrow.
  3. Read 20 minutes.

Module 3 Math test sent home today and Science Study guide. Spelling test tomorrow. Other…

Today your child’s math homework is to share the Module 3 Math test and return it tomorrow with a parent signature.

Your child made a folder from white construction paper today for  the Science Review.  The folder contains the science review that is due on January 16th ( the day of the test), the science book, and some classwork.  Please help your child review and hand it in on that 16th with a parent signature.

The Spelling 16 words are on Spelling City and the test is tomorrow.

Please continue to have your child read 20 minutes daily.


Thanks for your ongoing support.  🙂