Landform Study Guide for March 1. Valentine’s Thanks. Reminders…….

Today your child brought home a one page study guide for the  Landforms and Bodies of Water test. Your child needs to be able to identify each landform and body of water from a picture and your student needs to know all the definitions for the landforms and bodies of water listed on the study guide. Please keep the study guide in a safe place and review for March 1 test after the break. Please return signed on March 1.

The students each made a model of the landforms and bodies of water.  They were going to take it home today, but we decided to wait until tomorrow due to the rain.  The model may stay at home.

Valentine’s Day:  Thanks again to everyone for making the Valentine’s Day celebration a success.  I appreciate your support with sending things in and it was great to have family members join us.


  1.  Read 20 minutes daily.  The current reading log is due after break on Tuesday, Feb. 27.  Please have your child list books on the back if needed.
  2.  Geometric Animal is due Feb.28 after break.
  3. Please return social studies study guide tomorrow if needed
  4. Please return CH. 5 Math tests with parent signature tomorrow if needed
  5. Spelling Week 20 is on Spelling City for tomorrow.
  6. Landform and Bodies of water test on March 1.

Thanks for your ongoing support.  Tomorrow is a Popcorn Day.   Have a nice winter break with your family.

Reading Log Due Feb.27. Reminders.

The new reading log was attached to your child’s Everyday folder today.  Due to the winter break it will be due Feb.27.


  1.  Valentines Party 2:30-3:15 tomorrow. All parents are welcome to join us.
  2. .Social Studies study guide due completed and signed on Thursday.
  3. Friday, Spelling Week 20 test.  Words are on Spelling City.
  4.  Geometric Animal due Feb. 28.

LIM Lesson this week, Social Studies Study Guide Information, Reminders

This week for our Leader in Me Lesson, our class will learn about listening to understand.  At the end of the week ask your child, “What does it mean to ‘seek to understand’?”

The social studies test is this Thursday, Feb. 15.  Here are some vocabulary definitions that were cut-off on the study guide and some suggestions for the essay practice question about diversity: services:  things that a community does for people living in a community

2.council: a group of people who make the laws in a community

3.court: a branch of government that interprets laws and decides the punishment for breaking laws

Question 3 study guide writing practice about diversity should give examples how people in our community are different in each category.

For example,In my community people eat different kinds of food like Italian, Arabic, etc.

In my community people celebrate different holidays like Christmas, Eid, etc.

In my community people speak different languages.  They speak English, Arab, and Spanish.



  1.  Reading log due Tuesday
  2. Valentine Party Wed. 2:30-3:15
  3.  Social Studies study guide due and the test will be on Thursday
  4. Friday, Spelling Week 20 test.  Words are on Spelling City
  5. Geometric Animal

Thanks again in advance for the items for the party this week. and thanks for your ongoing support!




Social Studies CH. 5 Study Guide went home today. Due for test on Feb.15. Reminders.

Today your child is bringing home the SS ch. 5 study guide with a booklet attached to it that your child made. The booklet will be helpful to study also.  The study guide includes  three practice writing questions.  Your child needs to practice the writing with complete sentences and ideas as they will have three essay questions on the test.  The district test will be a multiple choice test on the computer followed by the written portion of the test.  Please practice the 28 vocabulary words too. It should be completed, reviewed and studied, and returned with parent signature on Feb.15 for the test that day.


  1.  Spelling week 19 test will be Monday, Feb. 12 due to the snow day tomorrow.
  2. Read 20 minutes
  3. Candy grams for Valentines Day due tomorrow
  4. Geometric Animal

Thanks for your ongoing support.

Reading Log went home today. Chapter 5 Math Study Guide due tomorrow. Valentine Party Items. Reminders.

Today your child brought home a new reading log.  Please continue to have your child read 20 minutes daily.

The Chapter 5 study guide is due completed and with a parent signature tomorrow.  The test will be tomorrow too.

The Valentine Party is on Valentine’s Day.  If you would like to donate items, please see the blog from Feb. 5.  The students were given a class list today of names to use when fixing Valentines.


  1.  Book Fair
  2. Valentine Grams

Thanks for your ongoing support!

LIM this week, Valentine’s Day Party Items Needed, Reminders

This week for Leader In Me our class with be talking about Emotional Bank Accounts.  At the end of the week, ask your child:  “What does it mean to make a deposit in someone’s Emotional Bank Account.”


  1.  Spelling Week 19 on Spelling City
  2. Read 20 minutes.  Reading Log is due tomorrow.
  3. Geometric Animal
  4. Book Fair this week
  5. Return report card envelopes signed
  6. Study and complete Math ch. 5 study guide for Wednesday

Valentine’s Day Party.  All parents are invited to join us on Wed., Feb. 14 from 2:30-3:15.  If you would like to donate something, please let me know or email me.  I will send you an email to confirm.  Students may pass out Valentines.  I will be sending home a class list of names.   Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Items needed for Valentine’s Day Party:

  1.  Holiday napkins: Emma
  2. Holiday plates:  Emma
  3. 2 plastic table cloths (Red or PInk):  Jaxon
  4. Vegetable tray(The class voted for cucumbers, carrots, and small tomatoes): Jaxon
  5. Ranch for the vegetables:  Jaxon
  6. 24 mini water bottles:  Jaxon

Items needed for Decorating Cookies

  1. 24 heart shaped sugar cookies without frosting:Jaxon
  2. Two containers of white frosting: Emma
  3. Two containers of sprinkles: Zach

Items for Decorating Bags for Valentines that students pass out.

  1.  21 plain white bags with handles:  Tatiana
  2.  21 sandwich or snack bags filled with 5-10 Valentine Stickers for each student:  Tatiana

Items needed for Games:

  1.  8 sandwich bags each filled with 30 large conversation hearts for stacking game:  Ali
  2. 8 sandwich bags each filled with 30 large conversation hearts for stacking game:  Ali
  3.  8 sandwich bags each filled with 30 large conversation hearts for stacking game:  Ali
  4. Two candy bags of small conversation hearts for relay game:  Ali
  5. 24 Valentine pencils for prize:  Ali
  6. 24 Valentine erasers for prize:  Ali
  7. Valentine candy for prize:  Ali

Thanks for your ongoing support!

Report Cards and NWEA results

Today your child is bringing home the report card and the January NWEA results along with some tests from this past marking period.  Everything may stay home but the envelope.  Please return the envelope signed to verify that you have received the items.

Our Valentine’s Day Party will be Wed., Feb. 14 from 2:30-3:15.  Parents are welcome to attend.  More details will be on the blog next week.

Thanks for your ongoing support!

Enjoy the weekend!:)