All special area teachers lessons are being sent through google classroom by the classroom teachers

I have received a couple of emails from students asking about lessons for physical education and wanted to clarify that every week the special area teachers are posting lessons for the classroom teachers to put up on their Google classrooms. I have not been posting them here on my blog since it seemed harder for students to have to keep logging into another site to find lessons. I hope you are all doing well in your lesson practice and exercising during this time of confinement. I am posting a YouTube video here that shows how to make a cloth frisbee to play with, just like the ones I have at school. Enjoy!! How to make a cloth frisbee

Begin Jump Rope practice & try Memory Add-On game

So this would be the 1st week for Jump Rope skills practice. I posted an assignment on the Google Classroom for jump rope practice and a couple of pictures from last year at Jump Rope for Heart. We may not be able to do the American Heart Association fundraiser this year, but can still work on jumping skills to keep our hearts healthy.

I have another idea for you called the Memory Add-On game. You do a movement and someone else must repeat that move and add another one. You then repeat the 1st move and the 2nd move and add another. Continue to take turns adding movements until you can no longer remember all the moves! See what is the most amount of moves you can do without forgetting.

3rd marking period 2019-20

All classes are working on basketball skills and games. The fitness tests for this marking are sit-ups and push-ups. The personal & social skill for the kindergarten through 3rd grade is cooperation, and the 4th and 5th grade is respect for self and others. The effort & participation grade is always based on if the students come to class dressed to play and if they are trying during the lessons. Volleyball will be the next sport that the students will be learning.

2nd marking period 2019-20

This marking the students will again be graded on participation, which is based on coming dressed to play and doing the activity. The personal/social skill for kindergarten through 3rd grade is to show best effort, which means to learn new things and keep trying. 4th & 5th grade are working to show responsibility, which means being accountable for themselves. The fitness test will be flexibility for all grades, which we work on during the gymnastics lessons.

I am sending permission slips home for the 4th and 5th grade boys and girls who are interested in coming to the after school sports nights in December. The boys come Wednesday 12/4 and the girls come Wednesday 12/11.

1st marking 2019-20

The P. E. report card has been changed for all grade levels to be assessed on fitness skills, participation and personal/social skills. The cardiovascular fitness test will be a 1/2 mile jog for grades kindergarten through 2nd and a 1-mile jog for grades 3rd through 5th. Wearing proper clothes and working on the skills each class period will be what is graded for participation. The personal/social skill for kindergarten through 3rd grades is follow directions and 4th and 5th grades are working on self-control.

4th and 5th grade students will have the opportunity to join in the Bob Cipriano Run which will be Friday, Oct. 11th. I will send home the permission slips in September.

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