Final Week

Wow, the final week of 8th grade is here.

This week we will be viewing the movie The Outsiders and comparing and contrasting it to the book, You will create a graphic organizer of your choice to show this.

Homework this week is to write an email to your parents and me outlining your summer reading plan. This email needs to be sent by Wednesday. Follow the guidelines given in class. My email address is:

Accessing your PSAT Scores and Linking to Khan



The PSAT scores are now available. Be sure to link your results to Khan so that you can set yourself up with customized practice for next year’s test. Student login instructions are as follows:
1. Search College Board
2. Scroll down to the left side of the screen-click PSAT 8/9
3. Right side of screen-click view your score
4. Create account/ sign up
5. Password is the first letter of name (capital) and first letter of last name (lower case) followed by – and birthdate
Example: Ns04132005
6. Students need to know their parents email address
7. Confirm information
8. Submit
9. View scores
Benchmark scores:
430 Math
390 ELA

Week of May 28

Welcome Back!

This week you will be wrapping up SSR plus by writing your final exit ticket (finished book only), writing your final reflection letter and giving your final book talk. The high school requires you to read 2 appropriate for high school books over the summer so now is great time to start. For homework you will need to get a legal size envelope, address it to yourself, for the return address use your own or that of someone you know won’t move in the next 4 years, finally put a U.S. forever stamp in the top right corner. Due Thursday, June 7.

Week of May 20

This week we will be viewing the movie ” Freedom Writer’s”. Students are expected to make comments, questions and connections on a looseleaf piece of paper based on the movie. These will be collected on Thursday. Anyone absent should be sure to turn it in based on what they viewed.

Reminder: Exit Tickets for their final SSR+ book are due by Tuesday, May 28th.  Book talks will be given on Wednesday-Friday next week.

Be sure to check your grades on MI-Star.

Week of May 16

Progress Reports are being sent home this week for all students based on your grade last Thursday. Please be sure to check Mistar on a weekly basis to monitor your grades as the school year winds down.



This week you will take your final NWEA test as they are not given in high school. From it you will see where you stand as a reader. Wednesday we will read an article ” The Impact of Gangs on Teeens”. Thursday we will read a memoir called ” I Escaped a Violent Gang”. On Friday we will read an article on NEWELA through googleclassroom about a teen trying to escape gangs in his country by seeking asylum in the United States and hopefully hold a Socratic Circle discussion.


Homework: As always you should be reading your SSR+ book. Remember exit tickets are due Tuesday, May 28.

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