Week of Nov. 11

Monday: Quiz “The Monkey’s Paw” Due: Before/After you read The Monkey’s Paw”

Tuesday: Making a plot diagram for your prequel to ” The Monkey’s Paw”

Wednesday: Media ‘The Monkey’s Paw” Due: Plot Diagram Prequel

Thursday: PreAssessment

Friday: Drafting Prequel to ‘The Monkey’s Paw”

Student-led Conferences:

Monday 4-7 are being rescheduled.

Wednesday 3:30 – 6:30

Week of Nov 4

Welcome to the 2nd cardmarking! Reminder this cardmarking you need to complete two increasingly complex SSR+ books before Jan. 10th. Be sure to allocate time at home to complete this task. It is your nightly reading homework. Book-talks will also be running for the next 3 weeks and should be based on a book you read in CM1 or are curently reading (not having it finished isn’t a requirement as it just needs to be beyond exposition). Books you read for summer reading or your past can’t be used as well as books that are no longer suitable to almost high-schoolers.

Monday: Due: Vocabulary ” The Monkey’s Paw” Peer Revisions ” Is the narrator insane?”

Tuesday: No School Be sure to read and work on your final copy of ” Is the narrator insane?”

Wednesday: ” The Monkey’s Paw” Part 1 Due: on googleclassroom by 10:59 PM Final Copy of ” Is the narrator insane?” Be sure to click turn in in order to not be late.

Thursday: ” The Monkey’s Paw” Part 2

Friday: Conference Prep and Socratic Circle ” Fate and Wisdom” Due Extra Credit Superstitions ( see directions on google classroom).

Homework: Read and revise/edit your writing.

Student-led Conferences will be held next Monday from 4-7pm and next Wednesday from 3:30-6:30. Report cards will be handed then. Your child will need to attend in order to share what they have learned about themselves and the direction they are heading for CM2. It is from their honest reflection we can work together to guide them to success.

Week of Oct. 28

Last week of Card-marking 1. Grades are up-to-date and will change daily as incoming work is checked in. Keeping up with the current incoming on-time work is my first priority. Note late-work isn’t accepted this week . Late work that was turned in prior to this will be graded before grades and will be the last checked in ( part of being late). If you notice an issue, please let me know by email and I will meet with you during SSR time this week. Have the assignment with you to discuss. Be patient.

Monday:Due- Reflection Letters (must be honest and in your metacognitive log. Quiz Retake 8 Parts of Speech

Tuesday: Text Dependant Analysis “Is the narrator insane?” Posted on googleclassroom. Due Wednesday morning

Wednesday: Vocabulary “The Monkey’s Paw” Reflection on Quiz 8 Parts of Speech

Thursday: Journal and Superstition Project will be posted onGoogle Classroom Due Nov. 6th

Friday: “The Monkey’s Paw” will be posted on google classroom

Week of Oct 21st

Monday: NewsELA- connect through google classroom to read about Edgar Allan Poe, Annotate and take the quiz.

Tuesday: Irony Lesson and WS

Wednesday: Grammar Stations- Complete coloring page by Friday.

Thursday: Data about me as a reader in CM 1

Friday: Reflecting on myself as a reader in CM1. Write reflection letter in metacognitive log. 20 summative points due Monday.

Last day to turn in any late or missing work for CM1.

Reminder: Grammar Test Monday be sure to practice/study.

Week of Oct. 14

By now you should have wrapped up your 1st SSR+ book and turned in an exit ticket. THE LAST DAY EXIT TICKETS ARE ACCEPTED FOR CARD-MARKING ONE IS OCT. 25th. After that they count for card-marking 2.

Monday: 8 Parts of Speech Post Test and Evaluate your grammar workout plan on google classroom ( see grammar workout post). Add the following to the document and submit before midnight tonight.

Here’s how I did on the post test….

My workout plan ( worked/didn’t workout) because….

My plan now is to….

Homework: Read and voavabulary for Tell-Tale Heart.

Tuesday: Reading ” Tell-Tale Heart” and complete a plot diagram

Homework: Finish vocabulary and read

Wednesday ( late start): Vocab Due , Tone, Mood and Word Choice in the “Tell-Tale Heart”

Homework: Read

Thursday: Citing Evidence ” Tell Tale-Heart”

Homework: Read

Friday: Quiz ” The Tell Tale Heart”

Homework: Read

Week of Oct. 7

This week we will be reviewing the 8 parts of speech to prepare for the test on Friday. You will be concetrating n working out in the areas you identified on the pretrest. Your goal is to have a 95% or highr on Friday’s test.

In class, we will continue analyzing how author’s create suspense in non-fiction by reading ” ZWas Lizzie Borden an Axe Murderer”

Homework: Read your SSR book ( 85% percent of you are struggling with this) and practice/workout your grammar.

Note: Friday, 1/2 and Grammar Test

Week of Sept. 30

This week we will be focusing on the radio play, ” The Hitchhiker” in order to analyze effective writng techniques.

Monday:Grammar Workout* and Vocabulary

Create Frayer models for the following words:

lark(pg 94), sinister(pg 96), junction(pg 97), assurance (pg 92), montony (pg97), dreaded (pg96), dreaded(pg101), menacing (pg96), disturb (pg97) barrier(pg96).

Please use the sentence from the text and the definitin that fits how it is used.

Tuesday: Elements of a Radio Play and Begin ” The Hitchhiker”

Wednesday: Foreshadowing in “The Hitchhiker”

Thursday: Vocabualry Due and Analysis(TDA) of “The Hitchhiker”

Friday: Quiz “The Hitchhiker” and Grammar Workout

HOMEWORK: READ ( you should be wrapping up your first book), vocabulary, and grammar workout.

  • Parents, students have taken a grammar pretest and identified what areas they need to work on to create a workout plan that will allow them to meet their goal on the Post Test Oct. 11th. They may use Khan Academy, IXL, Moby Max, or other sources that will help them master the areas they neeed support in.

Work for Week of Sept. 23

This week you will start off by applying authors’ techniques to your writing of ” The Elevator” and concentrate on how to write/punctuate dialogue.” The Elevator”assignment is on Google Classroom and is due there by midnight Wednesday, Sept. 24.

On Wednesday and Thursday we will discuss censorship and you will have a cchoice of articles to read from NEWSELA.

Friday, we will analyze the data from our grammar pre-test and you will set-up a grammar workout plan.


Read nightly. You should be nearing completion of your first book.

This week, Wednesday is a late start.

Week of Sept. 16

We are beginning our unit on fiction this week. You will review the elements of fiction and apply them to a collection of suspensful short stories.

The Unit’s focus question is: What makes a story effective?

Based on this you will be judging stories for their effectiveness and defending your judgement.

Monday: Grammar Pre-Test

Tuesday: Elements of Fiction Escape Room or NWEA Reading for those still testing

Wednesday: Model Text- “The Elevator” (in textbook) Apply elements of plot. Discuss is it an effective story.

Thursday: Passage Based Resposne ” The Elevator” ( on google classroom)

Friday: 1/2 Day Last chance Book Talks if time ” The Elevator Scavenger Hunt”

Homework: Read your SSR+ book nightly and finish anything not finished in class

Week of Sept. 9th

This week we will focus on delivering speeches based off of books we read theis summer. Directions for the book-tsalks are on page 4 of your metacognitive log. Be sure to take it home to work on and to practice your speech. In place of having the book, you will need to have your hand-drawn ( not traced) bookmarker.You may bring notes up with you to deliver your book talk.. You will randomly be called on so everyone must be prepared Tuesday.

Homework: Read nightly your SSR+ book.

Reminder: Open House 5:30-7:30 Wednesday, Sept. 11

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