Bowling Field Trip

February 6 we will be going on a field trip to Mercury Lanes in Dearborn. We will leave at 12:30 and return at 2:30. We would like two more volunteers to help supervise the children. If you would like to join us, please let us know. It will be a regular day for students.

New Preschool Classes

Attention: Families with Preschool age children who are 4 years of age by December 1, 2017. There is an immediate possibility of free full day preschool beginning in January 2018 in the Dearborn Public Schools (next month). The family must be eligible based on risk factors and not currently enrolled in a GSRP program. If interested, families may pick up an application at the Cotter Early Childhood Center, 13020 Osborn or call Nadia Berry at 313-827-6150.
Please respond immediately as slots are limited.
Families must live in the city of Dearborn.

Daily Activities

Read a book or tell a story to your child.

Count steps, windows, spoons, forks, cars in the street, etc.

Have your child write their name.

Talk to your child about his/her feelings.

Model good behavior.

Spend some time alone with your child.

To reinforce letter recognition and writing skills have your child use play-doh to form letters. Other options are to write with shaving cream and sand.

In the classroom

Next week we will be working on last names. Students will need to put the letters in order to form their last name and then name the letters.

Currently, our next letter will be the letter O,o. Please go over letters with your child daily.

Students have been exploring with different materials. They have been using their 5 Senses to examine shaving cream, paint, sand and bubbles.

Everyday we go over counting to 100 and the letter sounds. Have your child count for you and ask them to give you some letter sounds.