Spelling Test and Planting Tomorrow, M-STEP Starts Next Week

Hi Families,
Spelling words are the following:
Week 28: Endings: /y/ to /ier/ Change y to i and + er
Word Bank:
happier, earlier, greedier, emptier, funnier, prettier, friendlier, cloudier, bouncier, fancier
Content Area Words:
natural resource, capital resource, human resource, consumer, producer

Tomorrow we will be planting flowers in front of the school. $1 buys 2 plants OR you can send in some flowers to be planted with your child. A note was sent earlier this week about it. Please send in your child with small digging tools and gloves if you have them. Also, please make sure students don’t wear their best clothing.

M-STEP starts on Tuesday next week for 4th graders. Please make sure your child has plenty of rest and a breakfast each day that they are being tested for the next few weeks. 4th grade is being tested April 30 – May 23rd.

May 3rd is our field trip to The Ford Rouge Tour. We are all set for permission slips and chaperones. Thank you!

Have a wonderful evening!
Mrs. Lee

M-STEP Testing for 4th Graders

Parents and Guardians, Please remember that the M-STEP is scheduled for April 29-May 23 for 4th graders. It is very important that they are here, healthy, and well rested. Thank you for supporting your child’s good attendance at school!

Respectfully, Mrs. Lee

Spelling words, NWEA testing, ZEARN.org practice, math facts, reading

Happy Snow Day Everyone! Please read this longer, but very important blog.

I thought I’d get the spelling words to you so that the children can start putting them in their planners and/or start studying them. We will be taking the test on Friday as usual. I gave a paper pencil spelling test last week which actually worked out better for most students. I am considering doing that each week in the future, but haven’t fully decided yet.

Week 19: The pattern is: Final /el/
Word Bank:
channel, pixel, chapel, flannel, panel, tunnel, vessel, snorkel, travel, unravel
Content Area Words:
divisor, dividend, quotient, remainder, division

We’ll have to see how the weather and school closings play out this week. Either way, we’re going to be taking the NWEA test each day that we are there. We have to finish them this week, so please make sure your child is at school if possible.

There are many students struggling with math or not making enough growth from the fall. There are several online helpers they can use. First choice, ZEARN.org is an excellent way for them to practice exactly what we are learning in school. This prepares them for future math lessons or practices what they are or have learned. Your child’s password information should be written or taped on the inside front page of the planner. Secondly, Khan Academy.org is always a good practice tool too. Students should put “MAP Recommended Practice” in the search and click on the link, so that learning activities specific to their math needs will come up. I have put in their most recent NWEA math test scores to get the best recommendations for each child in my class. Finally, Moby Max is a great way to practice math facts. The computation grade on the report card reflects how your child is doing with their multiplication facts. Everyone should have at least an 80% (a 2 on the report card) for computation.

If your child does not have access to practicing math or other activities online, have them make their own flash cards with 3 x 5 cards for the facts they have the most trouble with. Just make sure they write down the correct answers! Practicing verbal or written skip counting is another way to practice.

Everyone should be reading 20-60 minutes per day.

Thank you in advance for your very important participation in your child’s education!
Stay warm and safe!
Mrs. Lee

NWEA and Spelling words

Dear Families,
We are doing the NWEA testing this week and next, therefore I have given the students no paper homework except to read at least 20-60 minutes per day and finish up any missing work.
We have a half day this Friday in the morning. We are off the whole day Monday in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and then we have a half day in the morning on Tuesday with Teachers doing professional development in the afternoon.
Social Studies tests are being completed and graded. I’ll have them done by this Friday. I’ll be working on report cards starting Friday. Expect your child to bring the report card home towards the end of next week.
Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the expected snow!
Respectfully, Mrs. Lee
Spelling:Posttest this Friday

Week 17: Final /al/

Word Bank:

neutral, fatal, numeral, although, almonds, total, final, medal, vocal, royal

Content Area Words:

executive branch, legislative branch, judicial branch, separate, balance

Welcome Back! NWEA TESTING, Spelling words

Hi Families,
We have been getting warmed up for our NWEA MAP testing that will start this Thursday, January 10th. We will start with Science. In the next few weeks we’ll also be testing Language, Math, and Reading. Please help your child make wise decisions about eating breakfast and getting a good night’s sleep before the tests. Children are encouraged to practice adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing at home as well as reading 20-60 minutes daily. For more online practice, check out the “Class Links Students/Parents” tab at the top of this page for many worthwhile sites.

Friday we have our Week 16 spelling test. The words are listed below:
Spelling Week 16: Irregular Plurals

scissors, cacti, oxen, children, fungi, people, geese, sheep, fruit, fish

Content Area Words: Earth, distance, cycle, phases, seasons

Monday, Jan. 14th students will have a regular Social Studies test. They have been given a study guide which will help them know all the information they need to know. If they study it, they should do well. It is NOT an easy test. They really must study!

Please pay special attention to the school calendar, since we have some half days or days off in the coming weeks. Watch for Jan. 18, 21, and 22 for starters. There are also days in February including the 14th, 15th, 18th. Please watch for and check the school calendar for more details.

Report cards will be calculated starting on Friday, January 18th. They will go out the following week. Expect to see them come home with your child the week ending January 25th.

March 19th we have our next field trip to the Dearborn Symphony Orchestra at the Performing Arts Center. If anyone is interested in chaperoning, please make sure you have a current background check, and you let me know right away. I can only take a few parents.

That’s all for now. Happy New Year!!!
Mrs. Lee

Greetings! Spelling, Party, Math movies, Vacation

Greetings Everyone!
I hope the holiday season hasn’t been too crazy for you. I can attest to the fact that the children are excited for the holidays and break!
Here are the spelling words for the test this Friday:
Week 15: Words with /on/ & /en/
Word Bank:
apron, poison, sunken, shrunken, chosen, tighten, frighten, cannon, carbon, sharpen

Content Area Words:
exponents, multiply, factors, estimation, product

We would like to have a small party on Friday. We already have birthday cookies or cupcakes coming in, so if you’d like to send something else in, please let me know so we can keep it reasonable.

Vacation starts after a regular day of school this Friday and goes until we return on Monday, January 7th.
If you know that your child is having difficulty with math or another subject or you just want to have them sharpen their skills over the break, there are a whole page of links on my blog on the next tab over called “Class Links-Students/Parents”. MathAntics movies are entertaining and informative. Brainpop Username: longschool Password: learn is an excellent source. Studyjams.com is full of informative movies and short quizzes. Of course each child should read good fit books or information 20-60 minutes per day. If they need to borrow a book from me for the vacation, they can simply check it out with me. They just need to return it after the break.

We are working on long division now and the following math movies may help your children to understand it better:
Math Antics- Basic Division
Math Antics – Long Division
They are good reminders for those of us who have not done long division in awhile too.
Have a wonderful holiday season!
Merry Christmas for those of you who are celebrating it and Happy New Year to all of you!
Mrs. Lee

Late Start Wednesday, Spelling words Week 14, Last PJs due

Hi Everyone,
Tomorrow, Wednesday 12-12-18 we have a late start. Students arrive at 9:35.

Spelling words for this week are the following:
Week 14: Words with /in/ & /ain/ pattern

Word Bank:
muffin, bargain, certain, pumpkin, fountain, basin, again, captain, dolphin, curtain

Content Area Words:
push factor, pull factor, migration, immigration, movement

There will be a test Friday as usual.

Last PJs are due Wednesday for the Pajama Program. Thank you to everyone who donated PJs or money on our Pajama Day at school. It was lots of fun!

Have a great rest of the week!
Mrs. Lee

Spelling Week 13 words, Class links on blog

The pattern this week is silent letters.

Spelling Week 13

Also, check out the class links for Math Antics Division videos.

November 26, 2018

Dear Families,
Here are the words for this week’s spelling.

Hope you’ve had a good, restful weekend!
Mrs. Lee

Spelling words, Harvest Party Wednesday

Dear Families,
Here are the spelling words this week. Students should have these written in the front of their planners each Monday. I give them ample time to complete the task if they are using their time well.
Spelling Week 9
1. serpent
2. sternly
3. swirl
4. blurred
5. purpose
6. curve
7. carpenter
8. turnip
9. twirl
10. curler
11. Upper Peninsula
12. Dearborn
13. Michigan
14. United States
15. plains

There will be a small Harvest Party on Wednesday. If you are inclined to send a treat in, please send me a message or note. A couple of people have already volunteered to send in cookies or treats, so we should be all set. I don’t want the kids to eat a lot of snacks at school, feel ill, and then miss out on trick-or-treating if they participate in that.

Conferences are next week and the week after. Please sign up if you haven’t already or I will start choosing times for you. Thank you!
Mrs. Lee