Our April reward was a Scavenger Hunt around our neighborhood.  Each student received a hunt sheet listing all the items they needed to find on their walk through the neighborhood.  Students had a great time running, walking and looking for the items on their sheet.  What a great day we had to take a walk.

This reward was for all students that had 80% “Green” days on their behavior chart for the month of April.

Many thanks to Miss Polidori for the awesome pictures.

April 1st Class Lesson and Assembly

This month the students learned about Habit 6, Synergize.  In this habit students learned that they can do better when they work together.  We are all different and have different ideas, when we learn to listen to each other’s ideas we are better leaders.

At the recognition assembly we had 3 spotlight performers.

  1.  Savannah Laman & Rim Nasrallah – singing “In the Middle”
  2. Lana Youssef – showing her art sketches



The Lindbergh students were treated to a concert by the Bryant Jazz Band on Tuesday, April 9, 2019.

The jazz band played a 30 minute concert, showcasing the different brass, woodwind and rhythm sections.  You could see our students moving to the music while they were listening to the different styles of jazz music.

It was very exciting to see so many of our past Lindbergh students in the jazz band. 

Leader in Me Assembly

Wednesday, November 8, 2018  We had a Leader in Me assembly where our students used the seven habits to plan and show us some of their talents!   At this assembly we also gave our monthly awards for one upper elementary and one lower elementary class who best showed us that they are leaders.  Awards are given for art, music, media, physical education classes as well as classes demonstrating leadership skills in the lunchroom and hallway.  Great job Lindbergh flyers!!

Comedy Act

Song and dance


Wednesday, June 6, 2018  School visitors, teachers, administrators from Dearborn and our neighbors from Wyandotte Public Schools came to Lindbergh to observe and learn how Lindbergh students show their leadership skills with Leader in Me and The 8 Habits program we have been developing for 3 years. Our school was decorated in an Emoji Theme, yellow and black colors, with students from K through 5th grade, being parking greeters, front door greeters, registration for our visitors, guided tours, and discuss school activities at our poster boards in the cafeteria. Visitors also attended a First Lesson class being taught by a teacher and later walked to the assembly, run by our Student Lighthouse team. During the assembly, our guests were shown student talents in music, art, and agility skills with jump roping. Visitors had nothing but praise for our students, our school, and our Leader in Me program. Along with our Student Leaders, the hard work of our Lindbergh teachers and PTA parents and volunteers, made it another successful Leadership Day, Synergizing together. As some of our visitors from Wyandotte were heading to their cars, they stopped by the Gaga ball pit to observe 5th graders playing during PE class. They were intrigued and decided to participate with our students. They had a blast playing! Now they want their own gaga ball pit. Have a fun, safe, and active summer everyone.

Sharpen the Saw & Bikes for Books

May 4, 2018   Today’s First Lesson was about Habit No. 7, Sharpen The Saw.  The classrooms discussed what things students could do to make their body, brain, heart, and soul feel good. Topics talked about were exercising for health, reading and learning for their minds, being kind to others for their heart, and spending time with family and friends for their soul. Since it was a beautiful warm day outside, the whole school went for a half mile walk on the track for exercise with classmates, teachers, and friends. During the Student Spotlight, 3rd graders Alora B. and Zeinab H. sang the “Perfect” song. Students Kayla S. and Elijah L. showed us their talents for drawing. Next up were the talents of two jump rope teams. Finalists The Dancing Llamas showed us their tricks on stage by synergizing together. 5th grade students were Ben S., Dominic M., Silas B., Mitchell M., Jaden B. . The second jump rope team were the Champions The Royal Jump Squad. With their awesome team jerseys, they astonished the crowd with their acrobatic jumps and teamwork. 4th grade students were Fatima E., Jamil E., Adam H., Jesse W., Faisal N. .


Nearing the end of the assembly, the student winners were revealed for Bikes For Books. Winners were second graders Aaliyah K., and Zachary S. The winners were announced by Mrs. Tiba and the Dearborn Masonic Lodge, Mr. Mahmoud, Mr. Carl, Mr. Sam, and Mr. Tim. Overall, it was a great hour of Sharpening the Saw as a school, with parents and guests.

Bryant Jazz Band visits Lindbergh

April 20, 2108   Students at Lindbergh enjoyed today listening to Bryant Middle School’s Jazz Band in the auditorium. This was the reward activity for the month of March. Students were able to hear them play for about 30 minutes. The middle-school band included many former Lindbergh students, that also performed some solo music for us. It was awesome! Thank you so much to the Bryant Jazz Band for visiting us.

Lindbergh Martians Brave The Cold

April 14, 2018  Lindbergh students and parents Sharpened The Saw by braving the cold, rain, mud, and wind to run the Kids’ Martian 1.2 mile Race at Dearborn’s Ford Field Park this past Saturday. Some of our student leaders also ran the 5K race earlier. We were missing a few students due to the inclement weather, but we had 120 registered students for the race. Everyone seemed to have fun loosing a shoe in the mud, slipping and falling on the grass, or feeling the chilly water constantly spraying their faces. You can see more pictures in the Photos section of the blog. Great job Lindbergh Flyers/Martians!

April First Lesson – Habit 6, Synergize

April 9, 2018   First Class this morning was about how to Synergize and use our Emotional Bank Accounts to help others and ourselves. During class, students used Science to see how Synergizing together by holding hands can light up an energy stick. But when someone breaks the chain, the energy stick no longer works. Also during the lesson, students discussed example in their lives about depositing and withdrawing from their Emotional Bank Accounts, and how it made them feel and how it effected others during their relationships with siblings, friends, parents, and teachers. During the assembly, three students demonstrated their special talents during Student Spotlight. Fifth grader Ryan B. showed his talents by playing the piano, second grader Ayesha  T. showed her wonderful artwork of caricatures, and fifth grader Madex R. demonstrated his Michael Jackson dancing skills to the song Billy Jean. Also celebrated were the students with perfect attendance here at Lindbergh. Overall, another successful Leader in Me lesson and assembly.

The Reward Party will be April 19, Thursday, 1:05-1:35. The Bryant Jazz Band will be performing in the auditorium here at Lindbergh.

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