Dec 6th ~ First Lesson and Assembly

Dec 6, 2017. Today’s First Lesson was about the 7 Habits of Happy Kids: Habit 2 – Begin with the End in Mind (having a plan). Our student leaders did the following:

1. Watch a video (Berenstain Bears) and discuss the importance of beginning with the End in Mind (which the video show how Papa needed to do so)

2. Make a list of student goals (personal or academic) on chart paper.

3. Students choose a goal and complete the attached goal and Begin With the End in Mind plan sheet (students may do picture plan or written plan based on level).

During the assembly, The Lindbergh Choir students, lead by Mrs. Baloga, performed 5 songs along with storytelling during the concert. It was awesome to see everyone Synergizing!

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Reward Party on Friday Dec 8th

Dec 8th from 1:10-1:40. The reward is Holiday Bingo.

Students will play in their classrooms.

Students will have the opportunity to win a pencil, snowflake tattoo or candy cane.

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Parent Night for Leader in Me

ATTENTION: all new Lindbergh Parents. Come join us before the PTA meeting to get an overview of the 7 Habits and Leader in Me led by some of our 5th grade students.

November 14th, Tuesday, at 6:30pm

Lindbergh Elementary Cafeteria

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Nov 1. First Lesson, Assembly, & Reward

November’s First Lesson was on being a Transition Person: someone that takes negative things that happen to him/her and turns them into something positive.  Students worked in groups, giving examples to each other and then discussing them as a whole class. During the assembly, the Student Spotlight was on for Ben R. (Lorber-2), performing magic tricks, Yara I. (Currie-5) showing us her ballet dancing to music, and Deema A. (Knaus-4) singing with a little comedy during her performance. Later in the afternoon, the students were rewarded by watching and listening a live concert for 30 minutes by the Dearborn HS Marching band, outside on the black top. It was awesome to hear and to see former Lindbergh students playing in the marching band.

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Dearborn HS Marching Band Coming

Wednesday, November 1st, 2:30-3:00
For our October Reward Party for PBIS/ Leader in Me, the Dearborn High School marching band, with many former Lindbergh students, will perform for Lindbergh in the back of the school, on the black top behind the gym. See you there!

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Oct 4, First Lesson and Assembly

October 4th, 2017 : Leader in Me First Lesson and Assembly. The First Lesson was students introducing themselves to the mixed class of K-5 students at each of the classrooms. Children shared something about themselves to the class and then found partners with similar likes and shared again with the teacher and class. At the assembly, Mrs. Wright, K teacher, shared photos of individual students being Proactive with chores and jobs at home or in their class. We celebrated students with perfect attendance and also class awards for Music, PE, Art, Media, and Cafeteria. Our reward will be celebrated with popsicles and extra recess later on during the day. Overall, a great day celebrating our students’ successes here at Lindbergh. Go Flyers!

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Welcome to Lindbergh’s PBIS & The Leader in Me

Our Mission Statement:  At Lindbergh, we achieve greatness by learning and leading every day !

Our Motto:  Fly the Spirit of Success !

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