Week of October 9-12, 2023

Dear Room 108 Families,

We had a fabulous time learning this week. Our theme this week was all about apples! We hope
that your children are sharing these daily events that happen at school with you. The Care to the
Core ending with us being invited to an Apple Crunch with the Salina Elementary students. Boy
was it fun! Many of our students saw their siblings, cousins, and neighbors as we ate our apples

What Did We Learn About This Week?

This week we learned the following letters; Uu,Ii.Tt,and Hh. The students get so excited when they find these letters in their names or in their friend’s names.

The students sorted pom pom balls by their colors with plastic tweezers. Using tweezers helps
build upon their fine motor skills. After sorting the pom poms, they counted the pom pom balls.
Then they had to figure out which color they had the most of.

We have been talking about patterns. We see patterns all around us. Ask your child if they can
find a pattern in your house. The students made patterns with Unifix Cubes. After the students built their pattern, they read it. Some students were even able to add on to their pattern.

Next Week at Salina…

  • Monday, October 16: School 8:15 AM-3:00 PM
  • Tuesday, October 17: School 8:15 AM-3:00 PM
  • Wednesday, October 18: School 8:15 AM-3:00 PM
  • Thursday, October 19: PARENT MEETING @ 8:30 AM!
    • Room 108
    • 8:30 AM SHARP!
    • Bring your child with you
    • Theme: Fine Motor Development
    • REMINDER: Attendance will be taken for this meeting
    • NO SCHOOL after the meeting

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