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FRIDAY, Feb 14th!

Posted by on February 13, 2020

Happy Valentines Day, happy Friday, and happy almost break!

We have shortened classes today so be sure to come to class prepared and use your time very wisely. You are doing your summative CER today!

2/14 Quick Write: no new one!

  • Make sure your NAME is on top
  • There should be FOUR completed quick writes
  • Place QWs in the middle of the table
  • Have your Source Packet, CER outline and rough draft in front of you

After we turn in our Quick Writes, you will log into Google Classroom and write your critique of the Freer Sackler Gallery. You may use your Source Packet, your graphic organizer, your rough draft, and any other notes you took during this Investigation. You have approximately 40 minutes to type up a clear claim, relevant evidence, and a persuasive explanation of the evidence. Use your time well!

I know doing a summative assignment right before a break is difficult. It’s hard to focus when all we want to do is sleep in and relax! However, doing this CER now if far better than trying to remember everything after a week of being off.

Please be safe this break. Take care of yourself… get sleep, drink lots of water, and eat more than just hot cheetos! I will miss seeing your faces, and I look forward to hearing your stories when we get back! Cheers 🙂

Charlie wishes you a great break!!

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