Today’s Assignments, 6/11/21

Click here to view today’s slides. All assignments are located within and found in Schoology. Today’s schedule DOES look slightly different; follow the slides for more details!

Be sure to complete your attendance task prior to 9am in order to not be marked tardy/absent, THEN head to GYM class. You will log into our meeting at 10am today for Math and ELA.

Today students will continue working on their Esperanza Rising FINAL projects. This is due TODAY.

Social Studies this week is focusing on creating your final project. All details are in Schoology. Final project (google slide presentation) will be due TUESDAY, 6/15.


Thank you for coming to your promotion yesterday; it was great to see and celebrate you all! See the notices below for next week’s activities. Next week’s activities are NOT required, they are OPTIONAL* Each day you will log into our meeting at 9:30am. You will be provided slides for the week on Monday, 6/14. Stay tuned!

For Monday (6/14) you need to be prepared to do our Tie-Dye shirts. HOW-TO do this (link) – Before class you will need to gather your materials: tie-dye coloring (mix it with water when ready to use!), gloves, rubber bands, and WET shirt. *Remember the dye will stain. Discuss with your parents WHERE you can complete this task on Monday – you may need to be outside with your laptop when we do this MONDAY at 11:30am. REMEMBER, you need to provide your OWN T-shirt/tank top for this!

For Tuesday (6/15) you will need to be prepared to make our (Father’s Day) Treats! We are going to make Rice Crispy Treats that you can give as a Father’s Day gift to the special person in your world! See the link: Rice Krispie Treats for more details on WHAT YOU WILL NEED.

For Wednesday (6/16) you will have access to an extensive VIRTUAL FIELDTRIP to tour at your leisure!

For Thursday (6/17) you will need to be prepared to share with us your TALENT (up to TWO minutes) for our “TALENT SHOW”. Siblings are welcome! Pets are welcome! Jokes…tricks…magic….sports…ALL WELCOME! Showcase your talents to the class!

For Friday (6/18) we will be eating our popcorn and popsicles (provided to you at our Drive Thru Promotion) while we watch the movie, Hidden Figures on Disney+

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