Today’s Assignments, 6/7/21

Click here to view today’s slides. All assignments are located within and found in Schoology. Our schedule looks a bit different today, so please refer to the slides for more details.

Be sure to complete your attendance task prior to 9am in order to not be marked tardy/absent. *Today’s schedule looks a bit different. Please follow along in the slides for more details.

This week ALL assignments LOCK at 11:59pm THURSDAY (6/10). You have MANY assignments and assessments this Thursday, 6/11 – pay attention to your schedule and stay prepared.

Today students will continue working on their Esperanza Rising FINAL project. This is due 6/11

You will have your FINAL SCIENCE TEST on 6/9

This week you will continue to learn about Public Policy in Social Studies and focus on creating a final project. Final project will be due 6/15.

You have your FINAL MATH TEST this Friday, 6/11


REMINDER – this Thursday will be your 6th grade promotion.

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