Newsletter for the week of April 29th


  • Our core vocab word of the week was “next”
  • We practiced using the word “next” in many ways. One activity the children really enjoyed was taking turns on the slide and telling which friend was next to go down
  • Our letter of the week was “X”
  • We practiced the letter “X” by reading an interactive book and searching through our rice bin for objects that start with the letter “X,” we did an xylophone bingo sheet, and sang letter “X” songs
  • We read many books including “Ribbit!” and “Eight Silly Monkeys”
  • This week we learned about the butterfly life cycle
  • The students made symmetrical butterfly paintings
  • We read fun facts and completed a writing activity about what we learned. The students did drawings to go with their writing
  • Our kindergarten students completed a life cycle chart during which they practiced their scissor skills
  • Friday was the kick off of our ABC Count Down to the end of the school year.  It was bring a stuffed animal to school day.  The students who did not bring in one borrowed one and we had our animals join us for circle time 🙂



  • Zoo Field Trip – May 13th
  • Late Start – May 15th
  • City Beautiful Parade – May 16th
  • No School – May 24th -27th
  • Special Ed Field Day Field Trip – May 28th (permission slips will be sent home soon!)





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