Newsletter for the Week of March 18th



  • Our core vocab word of the week was “under”
  • We practiced using the word “under” in many ways. The children took turns find the toy under the cup, guessing who was hiding under the blanket, and playing a following a direction game to put certain objects under items in the room
  • Our letter of the week was “U”
  • We practiced the letter “U” by reading an interactive book and searching through our rice bin for objects that start with the letter “U,” we did an umbrella bingo sheet, and sang letter “U” songs
  • We read many books including “Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What do you See?,” “Mouse Shapes,” and “Ten Jolly Pirates”
  • The students worked on building stamina during read to self time during which they practiced their book handling skills
  • The children practiced counting, 1:1 correspondence and number recognition with our feed the cow game
  • We worked on our fine motor skills by tracing a spring scene and also listened to songs about spring to celebrate the first day!
  • We had group therapy with Ms. Staci and Mrs. Gallery during which we made shamrock shakes and painted a shamrock outline with q-tips and water colors
  • The children worked on their sorting skills by sorting shapes




  • No School – April 1st-5th – Spring Break
  • No School – April 19th
  • Late Start – April 24th






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