Our Last Week

Hello Families,
Unbelievably, it is our last week together in first grade. I have enjoyed my class so much this year. Watching them grow academically, physically, and socially has been a great pleasure and I am so excited to see what their futures hold. Thank you for entrusting them to me and giving me the opportunity to make a positive difference in their lives. I love each and every one of them and am so proud of the progress they have made. Please never hesitate to visit as they progress through their school careers.

This week, please remember to keep back packs at home. Also, students MUST return any books (unless I have told them to keep them), book bags, and math bags. Thank you for your cooperation! Have a wonderful summer!

Week of June 4

I cannot believe it is JUNE!! Here are our plans for the week:


We will be having our First Grade Picnic on Tuesday, June 5. Please pack a lunch for your child on that day as if we were going on a field trip. We will be eating popsicles with all of the other first graders and having an extra long recess, so you might want to put sunscreen on your child. It would also be a good idea to send an extra bottle of water since we will be outside for over an hour. Please send a blanket or towel for your child to sit on. They may also bring balls, jump ropes, or other playground equipment (sidewalk chalk etc.) on this special day!

ELA: Students will be reading fiction stories and identify who is telling the story at various points. Additionally, students will be looking for words that authors use to suggest feelings or appeal to the five senses. We are working on narrative writing, where we retell a story focusing on the beginning, middle, and end.

Science: We are learning about heredity and looking at human and animal traits that are learned and passed down. Some animal babies (most mammals) share traits of their parents, while some do not (such as butterflies and caterpillars).

Social Studies: We are reviewing for our social studies test about the past, present, and future.

Grade 1 PRE Test Unit 10

Monday and Tuesday Homework

The homework tonight and tomorrow is a practice page with story problems and missing number equations. Please remember that our field trip is on Thursday. They must bring a disposable lunch (no glass bottles) that day.

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Week of May 29

Hello Families! I hope you are enjoying this beautiful, long weekend. This is a short week, and we have a field trip on Thursday. Please send your child to school with a disposable lunch that day. Here are our plans for the week:

Spelling Words

Reading: We are continuing to read fiction books and identifying the central message or lesson in the story. Students should be able to ask and answer questions about the important parts in a text. Additionally, we are comparing and contrasting two characters or stories in order to state the similarities and differences.

Math: Students are learning to solve addition and subtraction story problems. They must be able to find the missing number. I am teaching them to read the problem and identify the key words that will help them determine whether we must add or subtract to solve the problem. I will post the pretest on my blog.

Social Studies: We are learning about Independence Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and Presidents day as these are National Holidays that play an important part in our history.

As the year begins to wind down, I am noticing that some of the students are having a more challenging time following the rules and expectations. It is so important for them to have positive behavior and be kind to one another. We are struggling with this a bit, so please talk to your child about respecting teachers by listening, following directions, and focusing during lessons. Also, please remind your child to avoid name-calling or teasing of any kind. I always explain to them that part of my responsibility is to help keep them safe and happy, and to teach them how to be kind to one another. Let’s continue to work together to help our children become positive, successful second graders 🙂

Have a beautiful weekend!
Grade 1 PRE Test Unit 10

Tuesday Homework and NWEA

Tomorrow’s homework will be a worksheet where students have to add and subtract two digit numbers.

NWEA has been moved to Wednesday. We will take our test in the afternoon, so please make sure your child is well-rested that day. Attendance is very important, as making the test up is difficult this time of year. Have a great day!!

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Monday Homework

Tomorrow’s homework is a worksheet where students have to draw tens and ones in order to add them together. They must also match the word to its meaning using the prefix: dis (which means “to not”)

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Week of May 21

Happy Weekend, Families!

We did great on our NWEA math test! Keep up the great work! We will take the reading NWEA test on Thursday morning 🙂 I am so proud of all of them!

Here are our plans for the week:

1. moon
2. tooth
3. balloon
4. room
5. broom
6. pool
7. hold
8. warm
9. full
10. done

Social Studies: We will learn about and identify reasons that we celebrate Independence Day (July 4). Additionally, we will learn about President’s Day.

Reading and Writing: We are back to reading literature! Students will learn how to retell the important details from stories. This is something that they should know how to do orally and in writing. You can have your child practice this by asking him/her to retell stories in his/her bookbag. They can do this by telling you orally or by making a Beginning, Middle, End chart on paper and writing the important part of the beginning, middle, and end of a story. They should use the terms: First, Next, and Finally.

Math: We are still learning about patterns on the number grid. Students should use these patterns to add and subtract ten from a two digit number. Additionally, they should be able to tell how many groups of ten are represented in a number. We are learning about place value, so students should be able to tell what number is in the hundreds, tens and ones place. Finally, we are still learning how to represent fractions. Students must understand that a fraction is EQUAL parts of a whole. A shape is only divided into halves, thirds, fourths, etc. if the parts are equal.

Have a fantastic weekend!!

Tues. and Wed. Homework

Both tonight’s and Wednesday’s homework will be a review on Fractions. Students will most likely take the NWEA math test on Friday morning. Please make sure that your child comes to school well rested. All students should have a healthy breakfast. Please talk to your child about taking his/her time and doing his/her best on this test. Thank you for your continued support!

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Monday Homework

Reminder: Field day is today! Have students dress appropriately and let’s all hope for dry weather!!

Tonight’s homework is a page where students have to add 10 and 100 to numbers.

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Week of May 14

Happy Friday to all of us! Here are our plans for next week:

Monday: Field day- Please have your child dress appropriately for the weather and outdoor activities.

1. eat
2. seat
3. please
4. leaf
5. treat
6. read
7. myself
8. keep
9. drink
10. only

Reading and Writing:This week, we will continue to use nonfiction text features such as bold words, photos, glossaries, headings, captions, labels, indexes, table of contents etc. to look for information in texts. We are learning to read a text and identify the author’s main point. We have been reading many informational books and articles, and they are getting really good at highlighting key details (important information). I strongly encourage you to read informational books with your children, as you will be very impressed with their skills.

Math: We are continuing to add and subtract two digit numbers using different strategies such as breaking apart numbers, looking for patterns on the number grid, drawing base ten blocks, and adding with regrouping. We are learning how to use patterns to add and subtract ten mentally to two digit numbers, and can record missing numbers in a sequence.

Social Studies: We are learning about schools, transportation, clothing, jobs, and family life in the past and present. Students are becoming proficient in being able to compare and contrast events, information, and texts on a double bubble map. Also, we continue to learn about the days of the week, months of the year, and important dates on a calendar. Please take time at home to look at calendars and talk about their features.

Happy Mother’s Day to All! I hope your weekends are extra special 🙂

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