September 21

Need Internet Connection???

We now have a process fully in place for the school district to pay for Internet connections for families that need it. Mostly, this will be done through Comcast (where there is a set household to connect to). 
We have been reaching out to families to let them know that we had their request. Now that we things in place, we will be reaching out to them to provide the details of service. 
If you identify more families that need Internet service, please have them provide the necessary information: 

The request only needs to be completed once per household. 
Thank you for your patience and support. 

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September 16

Online Extension

Hello all, 
The Dearborn Schools Board of Education on Monday voted to extend online learning in the district until at least its next meeting on Oct. 12.   The district started school on Aug. 31 with plans to be online until at least Oct. 1.
For more information, please see our First Bell article.

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September 8

Please join remind!

I’d like everyone to join remind! This will allow us to communicate more efficiently rather than email and phones calls especially while getting online these first few weeks. Everything is new for us all and I appreciate your cooperation and patience. I know it’s frustrating at times and I’m doing my best to make this as easy as possible for you and your family. Once you join I’ll be able to send out reminders and notes, voice recordings, and we can send pics through the app! I’ve used this in this past and have found it simple and useful! Let’s give it a try and see how it goes 😊

This link should let you join immediately without a code or permission 🙏🏻 Many families have different last names so please include your child’s name when signing up so I can have an accurate count.
Thank you again for being amazing parents! You’re doing great! 😉

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September 8

Trouble shooting zoom..

  • If a student is getting this message “The Meeting is for internal only. Please sign in with your company account to join” 

This is what they have to do:

Go into Student Portal, click on Zoom, click on Sign in and click confirm email address.  They will then receive an email to confirm their changes…they just need to click confirm and will be all set

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