Unit 7.3 Opener Activity

Watch the following video and answer these 3 questions on the back of your worksheet that was passed out in class.

  1. What did you notice happening to both the steak and the cookies in the video? 
  2. What evidence from the video supported that?
  3. Why do you think this was happening?

Then after answering those qusetions, you must answer the other 3 questions on the opposite side of your worksheet about the data presented below. The data shows the temperature changes of thermal energy in a car after 10 minutes and again after 30 minutes.

January Week 1

This week students finished up unit 7.1 by creating a presentation of their generation models. Students were given a study guide on Friday to work on in class. Students should study from the study guide over the weekend. Review game will be Monday and test will be given on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend!

December Week 3

This week students learned about how electromagnetism changes from mechanical energy to electrical energy through a lab investigation. Then after the lab we discussed what factors can affect the strength of the electromagnetic force in our generator.

Important Reminders!!! When students get back from the holiday break we will begin lesson 10 of our unit. Once we finish lesson 10 we will have our first unit test. Students will be given a study guide to study from. Over break I encourage students to organize their notes, lab sheets, and summary tables to study from.

December Week 2

This week was all about Lesson 8 of our first unit 7.1. Students had to explore what factors affect the strength of magnetic and electric forces through a variety of stations in the lab. Students experimented with a variety of magnets and static electricity on charged balloons. We learned that distance can affect the strength of the force, that magnets can attract (pull in) or repel (push away). At the end of the week on Thursday and Friday students took a summative exit ticket that was treated like an open note quiz. Students used their notes from the lab to complete the exit ticket.

Next week students will be working on lesson 9 of the unit. After the 10th lesson will be the unit test so students are approaching our first unit test of the year. I will provide a study guide as well as 2 days in class to review. Students should make sure their science binder and notes are all organized and ready to studying from.

6th hour homework

Watch the following video and on a separate sheet of paper answer these following questions. You need to get a sheet of paper to write the question and answers on.

  1. What is going on in this situation?
  2. Is there energy in the video?  How do you know?
  3. Where did the energy come from, and where did the energy go?
  4. What are some examples of potential and kinetic energy in the video?
  5. What is the evidence of the energy transfer?

Watch the second video and on separate sheet of paper answer these following questions.

  1. Where is the energy at first?
  2. Where did the energy go?  How do you know that?
  3. Where is there a push or pull in the videos?